A+ Family Dentistry - March 2020

Wellness and Whiskers

Racking Up the Miles A simple way to get moving with your pet is to go for a walk. If you’re looking for a bigger challenge, then try running, biking, or hiking with your pet. Anything beyond a walk may require extra obedience training or equipment — like a specialty tool that prevents your pet from colliding with your bike — but after a few loops around the trail, your pet will be begging to go again. And how can you say no to that face? Plus, this idea isn’t just for dogs. You can find leashes and harnesses for cats, lizards, ferrets, and other pets that love to get fresh air. Going for a Swim If you have a dog that appears to be more fish than canine, swimming might be the workout for you! Swimming is a joint-friendly cardiovascular exercise that works your entire body. If you’re not one for a dip in the pool, then kayaking, canoeing, and paddleboarding are great for your arms and core. Meanwhile, your pet can enjoy a relaxing ride or an exciting game of fetch. Just be sure to secure your pet with a life jacket before you and your four- legged friend splash away! Keeping It Traditional If you want a good full-body workout while entertaining your pet, then consider including them in traditional exercises. Entertain your pup with a game of fetch and drop down for a burpee every time it runs away. Balance your bird on your shoulder while you squat and lunge. Mentally and physically stimulate your cat by dragging a string around your body during Russian twists. With a little creativity and a few of your pet’s favorite things, both of you can work up a sweat. We want to thank all of our patients who put so much faith in us by recommending our services to their friends and family members. Last month, our referrals came from these amazing patients: A+ Referrals

3 Ways to Work Out With Your Pet

Less Stress Creating a healthy lifestyle is often easier with support, but if you’re struggling to find someone to join you on your path to wellness, then look to your furry friends instead. Read on for some ways to get active with your pet, and learn more about their wellness and health at PetMD.com. TESTIMONIAL See What Others Are Saying

Millie A. Konstance A. Felicia B. NaDine C. Fernando C. Dan C. Chelsie E. Steffanie F. Imani H.

Kyle J. Arturo M. Denise M. Jamie O. Heather S. Josephine S.

“I love this place! I found A+ after not going to the dentist for quite some time. Needless to say, it was long overdue. They have been so kind and easy to work with. I don’t mind going there at all. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for kind and friendly service with amazing work to go with it!” –Justin Esposito

Joshua T. Victoria T.

And the winner of the November referral prize of a $50 Visa gift card: Millie A. Thank you to all of our patients who continue to support us. Check back next month when we will announce the winner of our next referral prize.

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