The Nest | Vol. 1, Iss. 1


As of November 2nd, 2020, Senior Housing Management, Inc. has officially rebranded. The “SHM” brand was strong, however, it is important in this rapidly changing environment to have a brand that is timeless and recognizable. I am excited to announce that we will now be known as Jaybird Senior Living (JSL). The first step took place on October 26th, with the renaming of our Facebook Page. The Jaybird Senior Living website made its debut on November 2nd, whose domain name is As the days and weeks go by, we will continue to make changes as we grow from a strong foundation to an even more promising future. It is important to note that despite changes to our company’s name and visual components, our core values

and mission remain steadfast in our dedication to the seniors we serve. Our teammembers continue to lead the senior living industry. “Jaybird” was my mother’s nickname. For me, the Jaybird brand is a reminder that we are taking care of someone’s mother or father. To be sure, it is a tremendous responsibility and a privilege, and it is surely one our entire organization takes seriously. The company’s namesake serves as a reminder of those values that my mother worked so hard to instill in me. First, good things come from hard work, modesty, and discipline. Second, integrity is the engine that drives all good outcomes. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we must treat everyone with respect. Respect is fundamental to our Red Carpet philosophy, which is inherent in all we do.


Red Carpet Service truly means something different to each individual, which is why we place such a high value on getting to know our residents, teammembers, and professional partners on a personal level. Our Dare to Dream Program is a living example of our mission in action, as we strive to make at least one dream come true each month in every one of our senior living Communities. Dreams range frommodest to elaborate and are brought to fruition by teammembers across our portfolio who know the value of showing kindness to others. To be sure, providing Red Carpet Service is not just a standard, but an honor. Jaybird Senior Living Mission Statement DEMONSTRATE EXEMPLARY RED CARPET SERVICE IN ALL WE DO “ ”


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