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“The majority of our team began as frontline staff. We’ve all worked very hard to get to the positions we’re in now and have a shared belief of what Prairie Hills should be for our employees and residents,” says McAtee. “We understand that no role is more or less important than another and support each other in times of celebration and struggle.” “We cannot say enough good things about the staff and the way [our mother] is cared for. Everyone treats her like family and they call her Grandma. They tell her they love her and, believe me, she loves all of them.” says the Webb Family. Crystal Jacobus, Memory Care Coordinator since 2016 plays a big role in this testimonial. She led the successful Memory Care expansion in 2018. The correlation between Prairie Hills and family ties continues through all ranks and residents and that begins and ends with their leader. “Amy has always led by example. She takes on any task with enthusiasm and energy,” Slaton shares. It’s not uncommon to hear stories of McAtee filling in on the weekend in the kitchen; preparing Mickey Mouse-shaped pancakes or covering an overnight shift for a Resident Assistant. “She is always the first to lend a hand or give support to our residents, their families or our team members.” The Prairie Hills family has much to show for their dedication as well. Neal Slaton, Maintenance Coordinator, was recognized by the Iowa Assisted Living Association, as the Hero of the Year in 2018 for his exemplary red carpet service to residents. The organization again recognized Prairie Hills in 2019, naming the site Property of the Year. Most recently, the Community was given the Jaybird Senior Living (formerly known as Senior Housing Management) Superior Customer Service Award in 2019 based on their prospective resident tour process.

Left to Right: Charlene Daisy, Culinary Coord.; AndreaWilliams, Life Enrichment Coord.; Crystal Jacobus, Memory Care Coord.; Amy McAtee, Director; Shari Slaton, Community Relations Coord.; and Neal Slaton, Maintenance Coord. Not Pictured: Laura Ahrens, RN, Health Care Coordinator

“Working with Amy and her team for the last three years has been amazing. From the moment you walk in the door, you can tell Prairie Hills is a special place where people are treated like family members,” beams Lyla Erwin, Senior Portfolio Leader for Jaybird Senior Living. “The team is, above all, tremendously dedicated. They all want the very best for their residents and have high expectations that they hold each other accountable to achieve.” Erwin has acted as the Community’s Operations Manager since Jaybird Senior Living began managing the property in 2018. During that time, Prairie Hills achieved 100% occupancy and financial goals that had previously been unmet. Despite their many high accolades and frequent positive recognition, the group remains incredibly humbled by their achievements and feels the greatest sense of accomplishment in their day- to-day routines. They are most proud of the Community’s close ties to the City of Tipton and other philanthropic groups in Cedar County. “It’s so gratifying to

receive positive feedback from local organizations and be part of events that make a difference for our community members,” says Slaton. Much like typical families, the Prairie Hills family has had its fair share of highs and lows over the last fifteen years, but the goal has always stayed the same: Demonstrate exemplary red carpet service in all you do. Whether that hospitality is extended to residents, community members, coworkers, or vendor partners, Prairie Hills at Tipton has repeatedly shown what a family can accomplish when they put others first. Assisted Living Memory Care Respite Care


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