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something to address the problem. Book bags filled with food are provided to students who will likely not have enough to eat over the weekends. The end result is that these students will return to school on Monday better able to enter the classroom ready to learn and with fewer disruptions. This provides a better learning environment for all students. While the problem with hunger is the bigger issue, other problems arise when students feel singled out or think they appear “different” to their peers. For these reasons, some children who know they face the weekend with little to eat sometimes reject assistance. Justice4Kids wants to address this by providing book bags that are identical to the ones carried by the other students, without the use of logos or other branding. Teachers are then able to hand out book bags anonymously and send kids home for the weekend without the dreaded prospect of going hungry. Around 500 children are receiving book bags filled with food each weekend. Still, many more book bags are needed for the rest of the hungry children in our community. That’s where you come in. This year, Justice4Kids invites you to do good and be somebody’s hero by donating for the purchase of book bags to be filled with food for children in need.

Most children anxiously count down the days until the weekend arrives. The weekend means no school, watching cartoons on Saturday morning, and the promise of fun times spent with family and friends. Unfortunately, some children in our community do not look forward to the weekend. Why? Did you know there are approximately 2,000 children in Lancaster County alone who will go hungry every weekend? According to the nonprofit organization Feeding America, 24% of children are victims of food insecurity. When children go hungry, it causes so much more than empty bellies. What happens when a child comes to school on Monday after a weekend with not enough to eat? According to HungerInOurSchools.org, teachers report problems with inability to concentrate, lack of energy or motivation, poor academic performance, tiredness, behavioral problems, and students feeling sick. Students who are hungry are unable to focus on schoolwork or interact in a positive way with teachers and classmates, and that has negative implications for their future. These children lose out on the

chance to become engaged, productive citizens, and all of us lose out on the talents of thousands of future scientists, artists, and innovators.

When children in our community are successful, we all benefit. However, in order for children to be successful in all areas of their lives, they first need to be fed. Justice4Kids is a nonprofit organization in Lancaster County that donates monetarily to buy book bags and food for students likely to go hungry when school is dismissed for the weekend. The program was inspired by teachers and others who recognized the signs and wanted to do




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