Hydraulic Clamping Fundamentals

De-Coupled Systems This type of system is disconnected from the power supply during machining operation. Manual Shut-off Valve Decoupler

4 Sided Pallet Top Plate

The fluid transfer connection is made by using a pallet de-coupler or tombstone top plate that facilitates the connection and disconnection of the power supply and the fixture. It has always been Vektek’s policy that as a matter of safety an accumulator is required in all de-coupled systems. All VektorFlo®, pallet de-couplers and top-plates are furnished with an accumulator in the clamp system to help maintain pressure, compensate for minor leaks, as well as compensate for temperature / pressure fluxuations. A typical work holding circuit can contain a mixture of both single and double acting actuators. While coupled and de-coupled systems can be used to control both single and double acting actuators as well as combinations of both, the VektorFlo® 2 sided and 4-sided tombstone top plates will NOT work with double acting devices. The advantages of this type of system are: Maximum mobility of the fixture Staging of multiple fixtures on a machine line The disadvantages are: Load/unload time may increased slightly because of the need to connect the hydraulic hoses

Automatic Shut-off Valve Decoupler

Hydraulic Clamping Fundamentals Aug 09 Rev - D

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