Hydraulic Clamping Fundamentals

Hydraulic Circuits For best performance, hydraulic circuits should be designed so that the work supports are not “daisy chained together” (or at least to a bare minimum) and have adequate hydraulic fluid passage size to prevent excessive backpressure. When used in conjunction with other devices the hydraulic fluid passages for work supports should either be isolated from other devices or sized so that return flow from these devices do not prevent work supports from returning do to induced backpressure. Always provide enough timing or provide proper sequencing to insure complete lock up of work support before loading. As an alternate to this be sure the part is fully restrained before activating work support.

this residue may result in the work supports sticking when returned to service. The work supports are designed to function with an ISO 32 grade hydraulic fluid. Contact your fluid manufacture for seal compatibility recommendations if use of a synthetic or water based hydraulic fluid is intended. APPLICATION INFORMATION

Max. Hyd. Op. Pres. - 5,000 psi Min. Hyd. Op. Pres. - 750 psi

Max. Op. Temp. - 160 o F Min. Op. Temp. - 40 F Max. Flow Rate - 360 cu. in. per minute Hyd. Fluid Filtration - 25-micron Application Recommendations Work supports can be mounted in any position relative to the work-piece, however for optimal life and performance, the loading should be axial to the work support. When ever possible, avoid severe angular or offset loading applications. o

Hydraulic Clamping Fundamentals Rev - D

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