Hydraulic Clamping Fundamentals

SWING SPEED (POSITIONING TIME) clamp to clamp. The following chart lists minimum clamp times and maximum flow rates for VektorFlo® Swing Clamps. (For up-reach and double-ended arms, the clamp time and flow rates for extended arms are to be used). The actual time in which the clamp can be positioned will vary by custom arm configuration and may require customer testing of their specific application to establish limits.

STANDARD SWING CLAMP Standard (short) Arm


Extended Arm




0.9 1.2 1.4 1.4 1.6


1100 0.6 2600 0.6 5000 0.7 7500 0.7

25 70

11 32 81 81

180 180

HIGH SPEED SWING CLAMP Standard (short) Arm Extended Arm

approximate force variation can be demonstrated by multiplying the area of a specific model of swing clamp in the catalog X 5000 psi. The resulting number will be greater than the published clamp rating. To approximate your clamp force at some pressure other than 5000 psi, divide your clamp’s listed capacity by 5000, and take that resulting number times your anticipated system operating pressure i.e. (#2600 ÷ 5000 psi ≈ # .52 / psi) X 3000 psi = #1560. Verify your clamp application arm length with curves found later in the “Sizing The Swing Clamp” section. Clamps can be equipped with double-ended arms. When this is done, the cantilever effect illustrated above will be greatly reduced, if not eliminated, assuming that both ends of the arm are located 180° radially about the centerline of the plunger. For these applications, the clamp force will be equal to the retract area X the system operating pressure. The arm will transmit a percentage of the clamp’s total force to each end of the arm. For example, if each end of the arm is of equal length, they will transmit approximately one half of the clamp’s force to each end of the arm.


Min. Clamp

Min. Clamp

Max. Flow (cu. in/min)

Max. Flow (cu. in/min)

Time (sec)

Time (sec)


0.2 0.3 0.4

14 45

0.5 0.7


1100 2600 5000 7500

20 57

126 N/A N/A





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