Hydraulic Clamping Fundamentals

be pressurized at the same time as the clamp side; this creates a pressure intensification situation that could prove to be detrimental to clamp components. In general, do not use spool valves to operate a clamping circuit. The permissible leakage in a spool valve can create problems with return of clamps, pressure intensification situations and general poor circuit performance. See your On double acting clamps avoid circuits and control designs that allow the unclamp side to

VektorFlo® catalog for styles of valves compatible with work holding circuits.

Always provide enough timing or provide proper sequencing to insure complete engagement of swing clamps before manufacturing process is started. On single acting clamps that are positioned in the fixture so that they are either covered in coolant or subjected to high pressure coolant spray in the breather area, consideration should be given to piping the breather port to a location free from coolant saturation or to a chamber having at least ten times the total clamp volume.

Hydraulic Clamping Fundamentals Rev - D

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