Hydraulic Clamping Fundamentals

Care must be taken so that contamination from machine chips and fines do not interfere with switch closing function. Switch contact force must not cause deflection of the position rod.

MECHANICAL SWITCH SENSING This type of sensing uses either a commercial mechanical electric or a pneumatic limit switch to determine clamp position. These types of switches require direct contact with the cam or rod to trigger output. The electric limit switch signals clamp position directly to the customer’s controller input. The pneumatic limit switch’s out put signal is the transmitted to a customer provided device that provides the required control input. Basic Requirements :

MAGNETIC PROXIMITY SWITCH SENSING This type of sensing is furnished on VektorFlo® clamps as an option that eliminates need for customer to provide any sensor mounting or special machining to incorporate clamp position sensing. The position-sensing signal is sent directly to the customer’s control input by magnetic position switch available from VektorFlo® .

Sensor cam must have enough surface area so that it can indicate a clamp condition for variation in part thickness tolerance. Clamp adjustment must be made to each clamp at time of set up.

Hydraulic Clamping Fundamentals Rev - D

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