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Spider Dog Is Here to Save Halloween!

Freckles by Day, Hero by Night

I f you’re wondering what we’re doing this Halloween, just take a look at that picture of Freckles. He’s ready to start swinging from rooftops while he saves Mary Jane Watson. While his spirit is undoubtedly prepared to save the world, I think he’ll have to settle for greeting kids at the door. Don’t let his outfit fool you; he gets so excited when trick-or-treaters arrive, but he’s so big and loud that sometimes he scares the kids. I’m hoping his Spider Dog disguise will do the trick. If it doesn’t, then at least we all get the pleasure of seeing this gem of a photo. Looking back at my first Halloween, I remembered just how uncomfortable the costumes were. I dressed up as a black cat, but do any of you remember those plastic masks? It was like a sauna underneath those! Once I learned you could paint your face rather than wear a mask, it was a total game-changer. I love to reminisce about going through the neighborhood trick-or-treating. I’d horde as much candy as possible, which would last me past Valentine’s Day. Of course, there were items meant to be consumed right away, like the popcorn balls with fudge my neighbors made. Halloween was the best of times as a kid. When I became a parent, Halloween changed a little. We raised my son in a rural area, so we’d head over to the church for a fall festival. We’d take family pictures and have fellowship with each other. The event had dunk tanks, apple bobbing, and all the wholesome fun you could imagine. The whole community would spend time together, and it was great for adults and kids. Halloween for my son was more about fraternity than it was about costumes or candy.

A few dormant synapses will fire, and for that brief moment, there’s a bit of joy in her life again.

My mom adores Halloween. When I was a kid, she’d stay by the door all night with a big bag of candy, and her face would radiate with joy when the doorbell rang; she loves seeing children. But just as my Halloweens have changed, so have hers. I don’t dress up as a cat anymore, and my mother struggles with Alzheimer’s. While most would find this painful, I elect to see it as an opportunity for joy. Because it’s Halloween, the church will send kids by to trick-or- treat. She doesn’t know who they are, but her face lights up just like it used to. A few dormant synapses will fire, and for that brief moment, there’s a bit of joy in her life again. Now that my son is 30 minutes away, and it’s just my husband, Freckles, and me, I try to fill my mother’s shoes by handing out candy on Halloween. Last year, I came prepared with a massive bag of goodies. I was ready to show the entire

neighborhood what the Harrington house had to offer. Unfortunately, only four or five kids came, and I was left with this giant bag of candy to myself. After the holiday passed, I saw my husband sneaking the leftover candy even though his diet prohibits sugar! This year, I imagine most people will want to see Freckles in a Spider Dog costume, so he’ll be the main attraction. If that doesn’t work, I don’t know what will.

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