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I’m happy to announce that the Gillette family has just welcomed a new addition. Shortly before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, my mother and father adopted a schnauzer puppy named Jake (not from State Farm). Jake’s the fifth schnauzer my family’s had, but he was welcomed into the fold in a way I’ve never seen done before. You see, my mother’s friends threw her a puppy shower! That’s right, much like a baby shower, there were balloons, cake, and decorations declaring “It’s a boy!” Guests brought presents as well, but instead of diapers and strollers, they gave things like dog beds and chew toys. All in all, it was a fun and heartfelt gesture, especially considering my mother’s history with schnauzers. We adopted our first of these little, bearded dogs around the time I was starting kindergarten. My mother had leaned into the German origins of the breed and dubbed him Maximilian von Shults VII. When the time came to get our second schnauzer, we once again stayed on brand, calling this new addition Beauregard Arthur von Bismark III. Such long names for such short dogs. Our next two puppies in the line of succession were both rescues and received far shorter names. The first was originally called Mufasa, after “The Lion King,” by his previous owners, but my mother changed his name to Jasper. After him came a schnauzer named Dixie who had been rescued from an Amish puppy mill. We had Dixie for a good seven years, until she passed away recently. That’s why this puppy shower for Jake was so special. My mother’s friends knew how hard it was to lose Dixie and wanted to put together something joyous to celebrate the circle of life. I’ve never heard of a puppy shower before, but it was an inspired idea that worked just as intended. Beyond being a fun little event to put together, it was a touching gesture of love and support. I might have to throw one of these in the future. The far future, that is.

Jake (not from State Farm) Gillette

My house is all full up on dogs as it is! We’ve got two Italian greyhounds and a mixed-breed hound from a shelter to take care of, but that doesn’t stop my wife and daughter from wanting to adopt more. In the spring, my wife had fallen in love with a King Charles Spaniel she’d seen up for adoption. Had I been with her in person, I may have caved myself — just seeing the pictures made saying “no” difficult. But for now, three’s a crowd. We’re going to have to wait until one of our kids moves out before we think of adding a new member to the pack. But when that time comes, you can bet we’ll throw a shower to mark the occasion.

Here’s to man’s best friend,

–Brian Gillette

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