Period 9 Promotions & New Products 2020

Best Promotions Period 9

On 11th June we’ll be releasing over 2,000 new promotions for Period 9!

Here’s a first look at some of the best promotions for this period. We’re offering big savings on our bestsellers, so be sure to take advantage of the discount!

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Maltesers Buttons Mint Chocolate Pouch 102g 9 Per Case 1022539

Cadbury Dark Milk Buttons 105g 10 Per Case 1023256

Cadbury Crunchie Rocks Chocolate Bag 110g 10 Per Case 1033897

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups 3 Pack 51g 40 Per Case 1070142

Maltesers Teasers Chocolate Bar 35g 24 Per Case 1077771

Rolo Chocolate Tube 52g 36 Per Case 1068295

Cadbury Dairy Milk 30% Less Sugar Chocolate Bar 35g 24 Per Case 1024305

Red Exclusive Extra Dark Chocolate 100g 12 Per Case 1023272

Red Milk Chocolate 100g 12 Per Case 1023274

Prodigy Chunky Chunky Orange & Baobab 35g 24 Per Case 1023251

Prodigy Chunky Chunky Chocolate 35g 24 Per Case 1023250

Flipz Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels Bag 100g 6 Per Case 1024402

Flipz White Fudge Covered Pretzels Bag 90g 6 Per Case 1024394

McVitie’s Nibbles Milk Chocolate Digestives Biscuits Bag 120g 7 Per Case 1060192

McVitie’s Nibbles Milk Chocolate Caramel Digestives Biscuits Bag 120g 7 Per Case 1060195

McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes Nibbles Chocolate

Bag 100g 7 Per Case 1024395

*Source: The Grocer 2020

Fox’s Party Rings 125g 16 Per Case 1072208

Fox’s Jam ‘n’ Cream Raspberry & Vanilla Flavour 150g 20 Per Case 1072411

Iced shortcake rings, made with natural colours.

Oreo Peanut Butter Biscuits 154g 16 Per Case 1073062

Oreo Birthday Party Sandwich Biscuit 154g 16 Per Case 1026923

Oreo Strawberry Cheesecake Sandwich Biscuits 154g 16 Per Case 1039526

Oreo Brownie Batter Sandwich Biscuit 154g 16 Per Case 1046711

Oreo Mint Sandwich Biscuits 154g 16 Per Case 1039525

Doritos Chilli Heatwave Tortilla Chips 150g 12 Per Case 1031931

Doritos Cool Original Tortilla Chips 150g 12 Per Case 1031930

Doritos Cool Sour Cream & Chives Dip 300g 6 Per Case 1047956

Doritos Nacho Cheese Dip 300g 6 Per Case 1047948

Doritos Hot Salsa Dip 300g 6 Per Case 1047954

Walkers Max Double Crunch XXL Chicken & Chorizo Flavour Crisps 140g 9 Per Case 1048692

Walkers Max Double Crunch Loaded Cheddar & Onion Crisps 140g 9 Per Case 1048691

Carr’s Melts

Cheese Biscuits 150g 12 Per Case 1089442

Jack Link’s Meat Snacks Beef Jerky Sweet & Hot 25g 12 Per Case 1066438

Jack Link’s Meat Snacks Beef Jerky Original 25g 12 Per Case 1066436

Quaker Oats Oat So Simple Variety 9 Sachets 297g 6 Per Case 1054192

Quaker Oat So Simple Protein Original Porridge 8x37.7g 6 Per Case 1054322

Quaker Oat So Simple Original Porridge 12x27g 9 Per Case 1054075

Quaker Porridge To Go Almond & Honey Breakfast Bars 2 pack 55g 6 Per Case 1023247

Hartley’s Olde English Thick Cut Marmalade 454g 6 Per Case 1093101

Nutella Hazelnut and Chocolate Spread Jar 750g 6 Per Case 1093539

Hartley’s Best of Pineapple 340g 6 Per Case 1092588

Hartley’s Best of Black Cherry 340g 6 Per Case 1092585

Hartley’s Seedless Best of Raspberry 340g 6 Per Case 1092589

Vimto Fizzy Remix Orange, Strawberry, Lime 2 Litres 8 Per Case 1026716

Vimto Still Remix orange, Strawberry, Lime 500ml 12 Per Case 1026717

Schweppes Tonic Water 1L 6 Per Case 1030836

Schweppes Original Soda Water 1L 6 Per Case 1030833

Ribena Blackcurrant Concentrate 850ml 12 Per Case 1064406

Lucozade SDport Cherry 500ml 12 Per Case 1062544

Lucozade Energy Orange Fridge Pack 4 x 380ml 6 Per Case 1063438

*Source: The Grocer 2020

Robinsons Apple & Blackcurrant 1L 12 Per Case 1071026

Robinsons Orange & Pineapple Squash 1L 12 Per Case 1071025

Robinsons Orange 1L 12 Per Case 1071024

NESCAFÉ GOLD Cappuccino Coffee, 8 Sachets x 17g 6 Per Case 1039429

NESCAFÉ GOLD Cappuccino Unsweetened Taste Coffee, 8 Sachets x 14.2g 6 Per Case 1039408

PG tips Original Tea Bags 80 12 Per Case 1076026

Twinings English Breakfast 50 Tea

Twinings Lady Grey 50 Tea Bags 125g 4 Per Case 1038433

Twinings The Earl Grey 50 Tea Bags 125g 4 Per Case 1038429

Bags 125g 4 Per Case 1038430

Batchelors Cup a Soup Cream of Asparagus with Croutons 4 Pack 117g 9 Per Case 1076767

Batchelors Cup a Soup Potato & Leek 4 Pack 107g 9 Per Case 1032971

Pot Noodle Chicken & Mushroom Standard 90g 12 Per Case 1073901

Filippo Berio Special Selection Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml 6 Per Case 1097579

Napolina Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml 6 Per Case 1088251

Hellmann’s Light Squeezy Mayonnaise 430ml 8 Per Case 1066951

Nando’s Peri- Peri Sauce Hot 125g 6 Per Case 1056757

Patak’s Butter Chicken Curry Sauce 450g 6 Per Case 1055995

Patak’s Spicy Pappadums x 8 8 Per Case 1056408

*Source: The Grocer 2019

Tilda Easy Cook Long Grain 500g 10 Per Case 1056505

Tilda Pure Basmati Rice 250g 6 Per Case 1056617

Uncle Ben’s Five Whole Grains Microwave Rice 220g 6 Per Case 1056120

Uncle Ben’s Golden Vegetable Microwave

Rice 250g 6 Per Case 1056183

Uncle Ben’s Microwave Mexican Style Rice 250g 6 Per Case 1056181

Uncle Ben’s Spicy Mexican Microwave

Uncle Ben’s Pilau Microwave Rice 250g 6 Per Case 1056179

Rice 250g 6 Per Case 1056174

*Source: The Grocer 2020

Harpic 100% Limescale Remover Original 750ml 12 Per Case 1091429

Harpic Hygienic Toilet Block Citrus & Grapefruit Splash 2 x 40g 6 Per Case 1085652

Flash Multi Purpose Cleaning Spray Bleach For Hard Surfaces 500ML 10 Per Case 1082182

Cif Camomile Wood Floor

Bloo Colour Active Fresh Flowers Toilet Rim Block 50g 6 Per Case 1085627

Cleaner 1L 8 Per Case 1081091

Fairy Dishwasher Rinse Aid 475ml for a brilliant shine up to 150 washes 8 Per Case 1094654

Fairy Original

Washing Up Liquid Lemon with LiftAction 780ml 8 Per Case 1085880

Right Guard Xtreme Invisible 72H Protection Anti- Perspirant 150ml 6 Per Case 1088326

Right Guard Xtreme Cool 72H Protection Anti- Perspirant 150ml 6 Per Case 1091396

Fairy Non Bio Washing Gel 888ml 24

Fairy Fabric Conditioner Sensitive 18 washes 630ml Price Marked £1.75 8 Per Case 1081739

Washes, Voted #1 for Sensitive Skin 6 Per Case 1081509

*Source: Nielsen 52 w/e 7 September 2019




Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturiser 125ml 6 Per Case 1082924

Simple Moisturising Facial Wash 150ml 6 Per Case 1023351

Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Hands Stronger Nails Hand Cream 75ml 6 Per Case 1086398

Vaseline Intensive Care Essential Healing Body Lotion 200ml 6 Per Case 1086416

Bakers Dental Delicious Medium Dog Chews Beef 200g 6 Per Case 1091168

Utterly Butterly Lightly Spread 500g 24 Per Case 3450372

Mini Babybel Light Cheese Snacks 6 x 20g 12 Per Case 3203190

Utterly Butterly Lightly is the perfect choice for families that prefer a healthier and affordable alternative to butter!

Muller Light Fat Free Red Fruits Yogurts 6 x 160g 4 Per Case 3701915

Petits Filous Big Pots Strawberry and Raspberry Fromage Frais 4 x 85g 6 Per Case 3706519

Nestlé After Eight Mousse 4 x 57g (228g) 8 Per Case 3704977

Birds Eye 10 Omega 3 Fish Fingers 280g 12 Per Case 2023181

SNICKERS® Ice Cream 4 x 53ml (192g) 12 Per Case 2027960

New Products Issue 9

We’re excited to present a selection of the latest new products from some of the biggest brands in the UK market! From Malteser Biscuit to Vita Coco Infused, why not top-up your order with a new and exciting purchase?

You can view our full range of new releases, along with 24,000 more products, online!

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P Products marked with this symbol are on promotion from 11th June!

Love Vegan Cookie & Cream Bite 45g

20 Per Case ALUVV-CCB

Love Vegan Cacao & Cherry Bite 45g 20 Per Case ALUVV-CMCB


Love Vegan Salted Caramel & Peanut Bite 45g 20 Per Case ALUVV-SCPB




Malteser Biscuit 110g

Code: 1066548

14 Per Case

Qwrkee Vegan Cheese Puffs 80g 10 Per Case AQWRK-VCPL

Qwrkee Vegan Cheese Puffs 20g 24 Per Case AQWRK-VCP

Qwrkee Beetroot Puffs 80g

10 Per Case AQWRK-BP

Qwrkee Sweet Chilli Puffs 80g 10 Per Case AQWRK-SCPL

Qwrkee Sweet Chilli Puffs 20g 24 Per Case AQWRK-SCPS

Qwrkee Cauliflower Puffs 80g 10 Per Case AQWRK-CFP







The UK organic market grew 4.5% in 2019 to be worth £2.45 billion and is on track to hit £2.5 billion this year*

Yakso Laksa Maylaysian Soup 500ml 6 Per Case AFZ-45020

Yakso Harira African Soup 500ml

Yakso Soto Katyang Soup 500ml 6 Per Case AFZ-45000

6 Per Case AFZ-45025

Yakso Dahl Soup 500ml

Yakso Jackfruit Jarred 500g

Yakso Organic Tofu Jarred 500g

6 Per Case AFZ-45030

6 Per Case AFZ-42025

6 Per Case AFZ-42030

*Soil Association: Organic Market Report 2020



Aquaroma Apple & Raspberry 4x500ml 6 Per Case 1061476

Aquaroma Lemon & Lime 4x500ml 6 Per Case 1064174



Aquaroma Forrest Fruits 4x500ml 6 Per Case 1064178

Aquaroma Strawberry & Kiwi 4x500ml 6 Per Case 1064179

Vita Coco Infused with CBD Cardamon & Lemon 330ml

Vita Coco Infused with CBD Ginger & Apple 330ml

Vita Coco Infused with CBD Cloved Orange 330ml

24 Per Case AVC-901535

24 Per Case AVC-901534

24 Per Case AVC-901536

Code: 3153576

Dairylea Dunkers with Cheesy Cones 4x40g ● 6 Per Case

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