Period 9 Promotions & New Products 2020

The UK organic market grew 4.5% in 2019 to be worth £2.45 billion and is on track to hit £2.5 billion this year*

Yakso Laksa Maylaysian Soup 500ml 6 Per Case AFZ-45020

Yakso Harira African Soup 500ml

Yakso Soto Katyang Soup 500ml 6 Per Case AFZ-45000

6 Per Case AFZ-45025

Yakso Dahl Soup 500ml

Yakso Jackfruit Jarred 500g

Yakso Organic Tofu Jarred 500g

6 Per Case AFZ-45030

6 Per Case AFZ-42025

6 Per Case AFZ-42030

*Soil Association: Organic Market Report 2020

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