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I grew up going to a small parochial school with the same people from first grade all the way through high school. Everyone knew everything about each other, but that wasn’t always a bad thing. It meant there was always someone to look out for you through whatever challenges presented themselves. I remember one teacher of mine who made an incredible impact on my life simply by caring: my third grade teacher, who always took an interest in me. I’ll never forget the time all the kids were showing pictures of when we were in earlier grades. “Where’s Teri?” asked my teacher. I remember her explicitly asking where I was

not on the side of my bathtub. When the opportunity presented itself to start this firm with Danielle, I put teaching in the rear view mirror, but I still use education to help empower my clients every day.

with words, because math used to be my Achilles’ heel. I found out later that my roadblock with math wasn’t an issue with knowledge, it was more about how I viewed it. One day, I finally learned that math is a puzzle. You just have to put the pieces where they belong, and the answer comes out clear every time. My love of learning translates to my career. Hanging my shingle as a lawyer has a lot to do with education. The law is constantly changing and requires you to stay on top of every nuance. I embrace the fact that the law can change so often. The forms used for estate planning were updated in Georgia recently, and the first thing I did was make sure I understood every detail so all my clients would receive the highest degree of service. For all the teachers and students out there, I hope everyone has a great school year! Stay safe and enjoy the pursuit of learning!

because she was always watching out for me.

I loved school. I mean, I really loved school. Every summer before school started, I couldn’t sleep. My parents didn’t have to drag me out of bed; I was anxiously awaiting the sunrise throughout the night. When I was sick in college, I remember dragging around a gallon of orange juice across


I can’t overemphasize how critical it is to have role models who inspire you to be better. I used to want to be a teacher. I loved school and loved all my teachers so much that I was convinced I’d end up working in education. When I was

campus because I refused to miss class. Even jury duty couldn’t stop me. The first time I received my summons, I got out of it so that I wouldn’t miss the first day of class. Learning is just ingrained in me. It’s part of the fabric of who I am. I remember loving English, spelling, history, and social studies — anything that had to do

a little girl in the bath, I liked to use the side of the tub as my chalkboard. The soap was the “chalk” I used to teach my imaginary students all the subjects of the world. Part of that dream became a reality when I worked as a professor at the local college in the paralegal studies program — only I taught real students, and my chalkboard was in a classroom,

–Teri Fields

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