Onboarding Guide for New Associates


Your First Month

☐ Schedule regular one-on-one meetings with your manager

☐ Attend HR Orientation Part II

☐ Attend CMP & MGP Orientation

☐ Sign up for benefits before your eligibility date

☐ Continue completing your role-specific Training Plan

☐ Continue completing LMS courses and sign up for any additional training needed/of interest >> View LMS instructions

☐ Discuss your job duties, the purpose of your role, and how it fits into the overarching mission of the department and organization

☐ Request time to go over the performance review and goal-setting process in your department

☐ Gather ideas for how you can contribute and be impactful in your new role to share with your manager

☐ Continue to build relationships and seek opportunities to meet other associates and coworkers

☐ Attend company-wide events of interest to you

☐ Consider participating in a Business Resource Group (BRG) of interest to you >> View list of BRGs

☐ Take on an additional assignment

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