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JULY 2019



For many people, summertime means summer vacation. This month, the APN Physical Therapy team wanted to share some of our favorite summer vacation memories!

When it comes to summer vacation, I am all about beaches and waterparks, but my favorite vacation destination is Disney World. I know some people find Disney to be stressful, but visiting the parks always brings me back to my childhood. I love the general atmosphere and the fantasy of it all. Everything is done up to look like a fairy tale. When I’m there, I forget about everything that’s going on, good or bad, and just live in each happy moment. Epcot and Animal Kingdom are tied for my favorite parks. I love strolling around the World Showcase in Epcot, but I also love seeing the animals, especially the elephants, in Animal Kingdom. The Pandora rides are as amazing as everyone says. My favorite trip would have to be going back to Puebla, Mexico, with my mom and brother when I was 8 years old. It was nice to meet my family, especially my aunts. I have a lot of aunts who helped raise me before we moved to the United States. I really liked getting to know them and helping out where I could. They taught me how to cook while we were there, which was awesome. It was a really special time, and I cherish those memories.

The summer vacation that stands out in my mind is our family trip to Disney World when I was 5 years old. I’m the youngest of two sisters, and our parents made sure we had a blast. I got a pair of princess-themed mouse ears that I wore for almost the entire trip. We went to all the parks and rode on all the rides we could. Even at that age, I loved the roller coasters and was excited to go on my first ride that went upside down. My favorite park was Magic Kingdom because, thanks to Mom and Dad, I got to see all the characters I loved. We had breakfast with all the princesses and breakfast with Mickey Mouse, too! My sisters and I loved every moment. It was pure magic!

When I was growing up, my family’s go-to summer vacation was Ortley Beach. Every summer, we’d spend a week or two in the sun and surf. I got to bring my best friend Dave, which made each trip even better. We’d play basketball or frolic on the beach. A good chunk of our days was spent on the boardwalk. I’d estimate we walked 10 miles each day up and down the boardwalk, spending money and eating greasy food. I made a lot of great memories on Ortley Beach, and those trips are still some of my favorite summer vacations.

–Laura Chmielewski

–Peter B. McHugh

–Genna Aguiar

We hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane. Next time you’re in the office, feel free to share some of your summer memories or plans. We’d love to swap stories!

–Nancy Sanchez

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