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JUNE 2018


Where Compassion and Knowledge Are Sewn

Last month, I attended a live theater show that blew me away. There are many theaters in LA, but this one was truly something special. It was put on by the local Create, Reflect, Empower (CRE) Outreach group and featured a cast of actors who are blind. These artists are proof that you don’t need sight to discover and share your talents with the world. “Lost in the Light,” is the moving story of a person who is blind and has the opportunity to get her sight back through experimental surgery. In the story, the protagonist grapples with what gaining her sight will give her and what she may lose in the process. The story was uplifting. It was clear that these actors are passionate about their work and that the directors and CRE staff are skilled professionals. To complement the on-stage performance, live music was played by a fabulous musician who is blind and autistic. He was accompanied by an ensemble choral group. When it was all put together, it was really tremendous. Thanks to a chance encounter at a Chamber of Commerce meeting, I met Greg Shane, who is the co-founder and creative director of CRE and the director of “Lost in the Light.” During this chamber meeting, I talked about special needs, and Greg talked about his role at CRE. After we heard each other’s introduction, we knew we had to meet to talk. In addition to Theater by the Blind, CRE puts on several programs to make the arts accessible to everyone. In their words, “CRE

stands for Create, Reflect, Empower — words that encompass the process, focus, and targeted outcomes of our programs.” Greg was kind enough to give me a tour of CRE’s newly renovated theater and invited me to their performance of “Lost in the Light.” I’m so fortunate I get to meet people like Greg in my line of work. What I find so inspiring is that CRE’s staff members show participants that their disabilities only limit them as far as they let them. They’ve opened up a whole new world to folks, and now this group of artists have found a passion that they can share with the world. Thanks to the incredibly skilled folks at CRE, many of whom have a background in theater and the arts, these individuals with special needs discovered and developed their skills. I came away from this performance feeling inspired and reminded of why I do what I do. It was a high point for me.

Sometimes it can seem like the areas of law I’ve chosen to specialize in are unrelated. Estate law and special needs — what do they have in common? When I think about why I chose them, though, I’m reminded that they share a common thread — giving proper representation to families and individuals who are underserved. I combined my knowledge and background in finance with my compassion for individuals with special needs. It ties back to the mission of our firm, that every family I serve can look to the future with optimism and excitement knowing that, no matter what, they are well-protected. These families are the reason I look forward to work every day and the reason I prepare endlessly to go into court. What more could I ask for than to use my skills to serve others? –Arthur J. Swerdloff


www.lawwithasmile.com • 310-577-9104

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