A 10-14 day european vacation would be heavenly, but you only have time for a 5-6 night getaway. How much can you really see in less than a week? A 5-night SeaDream Yacht Club cruise from Málaga to Lisbon is the perfect way to explore multiple cities and countries without packing and unpacking a bag. Fly overnight to Málaga and as the sun comes up you’ve arrived in Spain. The city will awaken hours S E A D R E A M YA C H T C L U B

know, it’s unforgettable. SeaDream is yachting, not cruising. Imagine sailing on a yacht with only 112 passengers and a crew of 95. So intimate and elegant, yet relaxed. The yachts offer the opportunity to visit ports too small for large cruise ships. You won’t need your wallet, onboard the cruise is all-inclusive: the bar, magnificent dining, and gratuities.

Each staff member has memorized your name on DAY 1. At bedtime, personalized pajamas await on your pillow. The staff is beyond outstanding and they’re devoted to fulfilling any request. You’ll want to take the staff home with you! On this cruise, passengers hail from over 10 countries; most are return guests. We will sample five cities in five days with a host of land adventures to select from. Day 2- Good morning, Puerto Banus, the Monaco of the coast of Spain. Strolling by the mega-yachts in the harbor, I wonder what it would

later. It’s quiet, just the sound of church bells ringing on the hour. You have the city of Málaga to yourself, exploring magnificent fountains and grand plazas. As the shops open their doors your senses come alive: hearing the lilting melody of the Spanish language, seeing the ancient ruins of Teatro Romano de Málaga, the Picasso museum, the scent of saffron-colored platters of paella, paper cones of Marcona almonds glistening with olive oil and sea salt in shop windows, and bustling outdoor cafes at every turn.

be like to be aboard one of those luxury yachts, pampered by a staff, without a care. Wait minute, I’m living that life aboard SeaDream! On this Sunday in Marbella, we observe the Andalusian celebration of the patron saint, Corpus Christi. Families in their Sunday best and children in communion dress join together for the

In the afternoon guests are welcomed aboard SeaDream with champagne and an eager crew awaiting. If you’re not familiar with SeaDream I and II, let me introduce you to this incredible experience. If you’ve been aboard a SeaDream cruise, then you


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