Executive Education

The Executive Leadership Program at Harmony Hollow

T he executive acre farm/estate located in the bucolic rolling hills of central New Jersey, equidistant from New York City and Philadelphia. The inviting tree-lined pathways, beautiful stone and wooden structures and idyllic natural setting provides a rich backdrop for the exclusive program at HHR. Horses and farm animals graze the lush pasture land, surrounded by inviting Leadership Program at Harmony Hollow is conducted on a 600

for effective leadership, yet the inner game runs the outer and is often where the effectiveness of leaders hangs up and gets stuck. Our programs are immersive and highly experiential, involving horses as learning partners in leadership development. As large sentient animals, capable of perception and emotion, their response to us offers visceral experiences and lasting insight into ourselves and our leadership capabilities. Regardless of what your leadership development has been,

woods, groomed trails and a well-stocked lake. Wildlife are often seen on the farm. A stately country mansion, with its cozy quarters and warm conversation areas provides a magnificent, secure option for an all-inclusive residential leadership retreat for small groups of discerning executives. Other, limited guest space on the property is available for staff or security accompanying the executive group. A large, converted barn provides a rustic and comfortable setting for training, catered meals or events for larger groups. The first-class equine facility is an especially large indoor arena in which the majority of structured activity occurs. Fans, large windows, lighting and heating create great all-weather conditions. The work at Harmony Hollow Run primarily focuses on the “inner game” of leadership. At our exclusive Executive Leadership Development program, you will receive a weekend, 2 night stay at Harmony Hollow (, in a comprehensive leadership program in one of the most beautiful destinations for mindfulness, leadership, and team building on the east coast.

our workshop leaders at Harmony Hollow will work with you to develop a program to discover your authentic self. Programs may include: • An individual VIP experience. A highly tailored experience for a member of your executive team • A group of executives or executive successors who may or may not know one another and work together • An in-tact executive team whose developmental focus is largely on their team relationships and effectiveness “Horses are wonderful teachers. Be open to what you will learn about yourself. The experience is transformative, if you are open to it.” –Senior Director, Aerospace and Defense “There is nothing better for the inside of a man than the outside of a horse” –Winston Churchill For further information, availability and pricing, contact: Brad Langenberg (310) 990-7010 “This is a rare opportunity for you to be a cowboy on the east coast!” *

The leader’s inner operating system, what drives the leader, how they define themselves, what is important to them, and what is their belief-system. This is the complex internal system by which we relate to the world. Most executive development programs focus on the “outer game” of leadership process and leadership competencies. Mastery of both is needed


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