Seasons inMalibu World Class, Luxury Addiction andMental Health Treatment Center inMalibu, California Treatment Plan

treatment program, these compassionate professionals will be solely dedicated to making sure you receive the most effective treatment available today. Celebrating 12 years of service, Seasons works with most PPO insurance plans. People who start their journey towards sobriety are given the tools they need to transform themselves for good. Beginning on the path towards wellness at Seasons in Malibu’s Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers, means pointing your entire trajectory toward lasting wellness. Getting sober and/or addressing mental health issues takes effort and focus. If you or someone close to you is ready to commit to health and sobriety, we guarantee that we can guide you or them towards a better and more enriching life.

S easons in Malibu is a CARF- accredited, licensed, substance abuse and mental health treatment center in beautiful Malibu, CA. We specialize in treating a wide variety of addictions, such as alcohol dependence, opiate addiction, cocaine addiction, sex addiction, gambling addiction and prescription drug abuse. We are also licensed and accredited to treat mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, complex trauma and PTSD. We are very proud that in surveying our clients, more than 95% say they would recommend us to a friend or loved one. We believe this is the greatest testament to the compassionate care and best-in-class treatment we offer at Seasons in Malibu. What Makes Seasons Different Our serene and intimate treatment center, nestled in one of the planet’s most stunning stretches in Malibu, California is an ideal

setting for individuals seeking transformative care for addiction, as well as primary mental health disorders. Seasons inMalibu is a cutting-edge, highly-rated rehabilitation center recently featured in Newsweek’s Excellence

in Dependency 2019 edition , and has been named one of the world’s premier rehab facilities by Consumer Affairs with a 5-star rating. Seasons is committed to providing comprehensive, evidence-based treatment interventions to address each client’s unique, emotional, spiritual and physical needs. Clients spend a wealth of individual time with therapists and have access to up to 65 individual sessions per month. One of the key differences clients experience at Seasons inMalibu is that all primary therapists hold Doctorate degrees in Psychology. Almost no other facility in the world boasts such a highly educated group of therapists and clinicians. Most importantly, during the course of your

“I am so proud to be a part of such a wonderful and renowned treatment facility. Each day brings a new set of challenges, and each day the Seasons team face those challenges head-on, with humility and integrity in a way I believe is over and above any other like facility in the world.” – Dr. Sheila Shilati, Chief Operating Officer If you or a loved one is struggling with alcoholism, addiction and/or mental health issues, please call one of our caring admissions counselors for a free, no- obligation and confidential conversation about how Seasons in Malibu can help. Please call 866-370-6211 or visit us at


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