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Silver Hill Hospital Treating Substance Use Along withMental Health Issues Yields Better Results

W hen you think of a nationally recognized hospital, you don’t typically think of quintessential New England home-styled buildings set on a sprawling 44-acre campus, nestled in the Connecticut countryside. But that is what one sees when they arrive at Silver Hill Hospital, a leader in the treatment of addiction and mental health disorders, located in New Canaan, Connecticut. Within this idyllic campus, complete with the bridge over a babbling brook, advanced clinical expertise, and compassionate care are de rigueur. Some may know Silver Hill for its celebrity clients, but Dr. Andrew Gerber, President

Hospital because they have an addictive disorder. What they may not be able to readily identify is that they may also have an anxiety or other disorder, so we evaluate patients for any underlying mental health issues, because we know that untreated depression, or anxiety, or other mental health conditions can sabotage a person’s sustained recovery and wellbeing,”

explained Dr. Gerber. “The ability to identify and treat these mental health disorders at the same time as we are treating someone for substance abuse gives patients more tools and support to better sustain successful recovery.” “These days, more addiction treatment centers are adopting this treatment model. But Silver Hill is actually a hybrid, in that we also treat mental health disorders, with or without substance abuse involvement. We have two distinct foci here: substance abuse and mental illness – including anxiety, depression, bipolar, personality disorders, and psychotic illnesses. Because we have expertise in both areas, we are well equipped to treat the most complex cases.” Treatment at Silver Hill starts with a thorough diagnostic evaluation. From the evaluation, the patient’s professional care team develops an individualized treatment plan to address their specific needs. Treatment plans may include individual and group therapy, medication management, behavioral therapy skills work (such as Cognitive and Dialectical Behavioral Therapies), and family support programming. The Silver Hill campus has a fitness center, gymnasium, indoor pool, and library. Yoga, massage, acupuncture, and one- on-one fitness training are also available. To learn more about Silver Hill Hospital, go to or call 866-542-4455.

it is staffed around-the-clock with credentialed treatment professionals, including fifteen board-certified psychiatrists, which means patients receive treatment from various experts with specialized training. Their continuum of care model features three levels of treatment to provide patients with the appropriate level of care they need based on where they are in their recovery: Inpatient, Transitional MENTAL ILLNESS WHEN ADDRESSING SUBSTANCE USE DISORDERS TO BETTER EQUIP PATIENTS TO SUSTAIN LONG-TERM RECOVERY AND QUALITY OF LIFE. ABOVE: THE MAIN HOUSE AT SILVER HILL HOSPITAL IS AN EXAMPLE OF THE SERENE NEWENGLAND CAMPUS LOCATED AN HOUR FROM NEWYORK CITY, ACCESSIBLE BY TRAIN OR CAR. WITHIN THESE WELL-APPOINTED MANOR-STYLE BUILDINGS ARE STATE-OF-THE-ART CLINICAL PRACTICES TO TREAT EVEN THE MOST COMPLEX CASES. LEFT: DRS. GROAT (CHIEF CLINICAL OFFICER) AND GERBER (PRESIDENT AND MEDICAL DIRECTOR) AT SILVER HILL HOSPITAL, DISCUSS THE CRITICAL IMPORTANCE OF TREATING ANY UNDERLYING

and Medical Director, would prefer that people know Silver Hill for the ways in which it stands out from the vast field of addiction treatment programs now in operation. With 88 years of experience, Silver Hill has been at the forefront of treatment for substance use and mental health disorders far longer than most addiction treatment facilities have been in existence. Silver Hill Hospital is accredited by the Joint Commission and licensed for 129 beds. It treats more than 3,500 adults and adolescents each year for addiction, depression, anxiety, bipolar and other disorders. Using a comprehensive team approach,

Living, and Intensive Outpatient. Comprehensive Approach for Co-Occurring Disorders

For patients with substance use issues, Silver Hill treats addiction while simultaneously treating any underlying mental health issues, which often accompany substance abuse. “Many patients come to Silver Hill


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