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The Lighthouse Bali

T he beautiful island of bali is not only one of the wellness capitals of the world, but a popular destination for substance abuse treatment. We caught up with Alice Dill Prasetyoko, an American expat and the founder/director of The Lighthouse Bali, a private substance abuse treatment center. Alice spoke with us about her passion for helping others with recovery. With over 25 years of sobriety, Alice openedThe Lighthouse Bali, a top facility in Southeast Asia. Founded in 2013, The Lighthouse Bali is the only bespoke, one-on-one treatment program on the island. Prior to the birth of The Lighthouse, Alice volunteered with a number of grass-roots organizations in America and a number of developing countries, where she discovered a real love for helping others. As a woman who had struggled herself, she felt compelled to help other women. “I was a working single mother of two boys, which was challenging. I found some solace within alcohol and drugs; and yet this made things much worse. Eventually both of my sons were taken away from me due to my addiction, and when I was stripped from these mother duties, I was only left with myself,

life. Through my recovery process, I was able to make amends to my children and we have an incredible relationship today.” With profits fromThe Lighthouse Bali, as well as contributions from private donors, Alice immediately set up a non-profit company, Yayasan Bali Mercusuar. “I was taught early on in my recovery to always give back in some way. When I decided to create The Lighthouse Bali, a big part of it was so I could give back. Through the Lighthouse Bali’s non-profit organization, we volunteer in the local community with educational lectures, workshops and by sharing our experience, strength and hope.” Alice is now planning on fulfilling her biggest passion in life; helping women who are experiencing struggles similar to those she went through. “What we really need in Bali is an all-women’s rehab center. There is no focus on women and their issues such as addiction, domestic violence, and sexual education. There are no means for these women who are suffering to receive support from skilled clinicians, nor opportunities for medical assisted detox, which can be life threatening. Our goal over the next year is to make that a reality through the non-profit’s project, the Bali Women’s Lighthouse. We are a legal charitable organization in Indonesia and a non-profit (501c3) in America. We are actively pursuing support in Indonesia, America and other countries around the world. “My hope is that The Lighthouse Bali will continue to thrive and change the lives of not only our private clients, but will also continue to support the Bali Women’s Lighthouse. We hope to spread the word in America, as well as other countries, and make this project the first of many that will address women’s issues in developing countries.” Tax deductible charitable donations or questions about The Lighthouse Bali, can be directed to *

which was terrifying. Luckily, I eventually found refuge within the 12 step recovery programs. Although racked with guilt and shame, I discovered that sharing my journey with women who were struggling with similar issues helped me move forward with my


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