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“Learn To Avoid Aches & PainWhile Working!” 6 BENEFITS OF GOOD POSTURE


• 6 Benefits Of Good Posture

• How Poor Posture Contributes To Back Pain

• Health & Wellness Tips

• Patient Success Spotlight

If you suffer from back or neck pain, poor posture could be to blame. Poor posture can be a serious danger to your health. If you have poor posture, your bones are not properly aligned, which increases strain on your muscles, joints and ligaments. Poor posture causes fatigue, muscular strain and pain. In addition, poor posture can affect the position and function of your vital organs, such as your heart, lungs and intestines. (continued inside)

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“Manage More Challenges With Better Posture!” 6 BENEFITS OF GOOD POSTURE Health & Wellness The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body

Maintaininggoodposturecanhaveadramatic improvementonyourbackor neck pain, health, energy and the way you look and feel. Some of the perks of good posture include: 1.Constant exercise for your back and abdominals. Holding good posture takeseffortandmakesyouusethemuscles inyourbackandabdomenproperly. 2.It greatly improves your breathing. Good posture makes room for your lungs to function at their best – rather than being compressed when you hold your body in a slouch. Good lung function has a healthy impact on all aspects of your body’s functions and helps to reduce pain. 3.Itprotectsyourorgans,bones, jointsandmuscles. Holdingcorrectposture reducesunnecessarystrainandpressureonthesebodyparts.Mostneckand back problems develop from poor posture over time. 4.It prevents arthritis. With poor posture, unnatural pressure is placed on your joints, leading to wear and tear. This in turn can lead to arthritis. Good posture gives your joints the chance to function at their best. 5.Ithelpsyouuseyourmusclesmoreefficiently. Withyourbonesand joints incorrectalignment,youare likely to feelmoreenergeticsinceyourbodywill require less energy to move about.

6. Itcanhaveadramatic impactonthewayyoufeel. Whenyouholdyourself in good posture, rather than a slumped one, you send signals to your brain thatmakesyou feelhappierandmoreconfident. Italsochanges theway that people see you – you’ll appear more confident and assertive. Making simple changes in your daily habits can improve your posture and reduce your pain. Postural restoration at Performance Therapy Institute helps the body recruit the right muscles for the task at hand, improving pain restoringprior to function.Ourexpertshaveyearsof training inreducingback and neck pain associated from poor posture. Performance is offering dry needling for your aches and pains. Dry needling utilizes a solid filaform needle. No substances are injected, therefore the technique is called ‘dry needling’. Trigger points are hyper-irritable spots in a taut band of a muscle. Trigger points may cause pain locally or refer pain to other areas and cause dysfunction of normal movement patterns. Specific evaluation, palpation, and treatment of trigger points may reduce pain and restore function. Physical therapists performing this procedure have advanced training and certification in the use of trigger point dry needling. If you or someone you know is suffering from any chronic pain, contact a facility near you to seek treatment today!


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“How Poor Posture Contributes To Back Pain.”

Whenyourspine isnot inproperalignment, themuscles, ligamentsand joints are all under excessive strain, causing most episodes of back pain. The lower back supports most of the weight of the body and therefore is the most vulnerable to the effects of poor posture. Discs, which provide support between the spinal bones (vertebrae), are also affected frompoorposture.However,withgoodposture, thespine is inproper alignment and the shock absorbing discs are not as subject to injury. Oftenwithpoorposture,thespinewillbecomefixed inanabnormalposition.This leads to the constriction of blood vessels and nerves over time. Furthermore, this causes problems with the joints, discs and muscles. It is important to takecareofyourspine.Goodpostureeliminatesmanyof the health problems that can develop when the spine has an unhealthy posture. Since you perform many different movements and positions throughout the day (sitting, standing, bending, stooping, lying down, etc.) it is important to learn how to keep correct posture. Maintaining good posture during the day results in less back pain. When you correct bad posture habits, the new and improved movements tend to become more automatic and require very little effort to maintain. At PerformanceTherapy Institutewe trainyouon thebestway toattainandhold your posture throughout the day. We help you relieve your back pain quickly

while improving your posture for maximum, long term results!

Discover how our therapists can improve your posture and relieve your back or neck pain, allowing you to live a happy, active and pain-free life.

If you experience any of the following call Performance Therapy Institute to improve your posture today!

Relieve Back Pain In Minutes Try this movement if you are experiencing back pain.

Strengthens Lower Back

Does your head jut forward? Is your head tilted to one side or the other? Are the spaces between your arms and sides unequal? Is one shoulder lower then the other? Are your shoulders drooped forward or pulled back? Is one hip higher then the other? Do either of your knees turn in or out? Do your ankles roll in so that your weight is on the inside of your feet? Is your chest sunken-in and your upper back rounded? Do you suffer from back or neck pain?

STANDING LUMBAR EXTENSIONS Stand with good posture, feet shoulder width apart. Position your hands on the backs of your hips. Lean back, as far as you comfortably can. Slowly return to the start position.

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Patient Success Spotlight

“I was in Nashville for six weeks to celebrate the birth of our first grandchild. In February I had rotator cuff surgery and had been doing physical therapy in my hometown. My local therapist recommended Performance Therapy Institute for my continued treatment while in Nashville. I enjoyed my principle therapist for my 3 times a week appointments. During my six weeks of treatment I made remarkable progress with increased flexibility, increased range of motion and reduced pain. I was amazed at the amount of personal attention I got each session, never feeling rushed or neglected. My therapist also followed up with my hometown doctor and worked with him to improve my therapy procedures. Being of a certain age and having been active my whole life I have had more than my share of physical therapy and the care I got a PerformanceTherapy Institute was by far the best I have ever received. Therapists and office staff were outstanding. Whether for rehabilitation or performance enhancement this is the place you want to go to. I would give this place ten stars if the software would let me.” – William K. The best I have ever received!


Why You Need To Come Back In For A Check-Up: � Move without pain

� Sit for long periods comfortably � Walk for long distances � Live an active and healthy lifestyle

� Bend and move freely � Balance confidently and securely


Health & Wellness Tips

Tips For Flying With Back Pain Drink lots of water on the flight. Particularly if you are takingbackpainmedication. It’seasy togetdehydrated athigheraltitudes,especially ifyouhavebackpainand disc problems. Avoid tea, coffee and alcohol as these will only dehydrate you further. better to stay awake and move than to fall asleep and be in an uncomfortable position which may aggravate your back pain. If you feel you may need to sleep take a headrest cushion with you and request additional pillows.

Move around as much as possible and at least once an hour get out of your seat and walk up and down the aisles. If you are following a back care stretching and strengthening exercise system, then try to do some of these exercises. Do be courteous to other passengers. It should be possible to do the standing exercises without causing any inconvenience. More than likely, you can possibly use the galley if you request politely of the cabin crew at times when it is not too busy. Wear clothing that allows you to move freely . Do not wear anything constrictive or heavy.

When in your seat, use the pillows and take a lumbar support if you need to help you get in a more comfortable position. Airline seats were not designed for people with back pain but there is a lot you can do with blankets and pillows to put you in a good position to prevent pain. If it helps you, put your feet on a raised area tobringyourkneesandhips inabetteralignment; you will need to experiment with this. Do ask for assistance. Do not try to struggle with putting luggage in the overhead bins. These tips will help you get to your destination as comfortably as possible!

Try not to fall asleep. This can be difficult but it is

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