2020 MRF Research and Science Brochure

Scientific Initiatives


Recognizing a need for greater collaboration around translational research, the MRF formed the MRFBC in 2010. The MRFBC is a national network of 20 centers of excellence in melanoma that collaborate to accelerate drug development.

University of Colorado Northwestern University University

of Chicago Ohio State University

University of Pittsburgh

California Pacific Medical Center

Dana Farber/Harvard Cancer Center Yale University Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Columbia University New York University University of Pennsylvania/ Wistar Institute Georgetown-Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center

University of California San Francisco

City of Hope

The Angeles Clinic and Research Center

University of California Los Angeles

Vanderbilt University

M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

Virtual Repository A Virtual Specimen Repository has been established with harmonized SOPs to ensure consistency across institutions and trials and over time. Rare Subtype Focus Community United for Research and Education of Ocular Melanoma (CURE OM) In 2011, the MRF launched CURE OM to focus solely on advancing the goals of the ocular melanoma community. To date, CURE OM has provided $2 million in research grants, held numerous scientific meetings and is launching a patient registry while continuing to advocate for the ocular melanoma community to improve the lives of people impacted by this disease. Pediatric and Mucosal/Acral Lentiginous Melanoma Initiatives The MRF has also launched initiatives that focus on pediat- ric and mucosal/acral lentiginous (MM/ALM) melanoma. As such, the MRF is supporting grants focused on pediatric melanoma as well as mucosal melanoma. With respect to pediatric melanoma, the MRF sponsors an Annual Pediatric

Moffitt Cancer Center

Summit each year so that families can come together and learn the latest in medical treatments and research, and find support. With respect to MM/ALM, the MRF is providing funding support for a biomarker trial for MM/ALM patients. Support to the Field • Partnership with the Society for Melanoma Research to sponsor annual investigator awards and satellite symposia • Scientific meetings such as the Brain Metastases Summits 1.0 and 2.0 and the State of Melanoma. The MRF will host the Brain Metastases Summit 3.0 in 2021. • In 2019, the MRF awarded Humanitarian Awards to four physicians in the melanoma community at galas in Chicago, Philadelphia, Denver and New York City Further, due largely to patient suggestions, the MRF has developed a wide array of educational information, downloads for use in the office, links to clinical trials, buddy programs and online support groups. More information about the MRF, its programs and its scientific leadership can be found at www.melanoma.org. Patient Perspective Incorporating a patient-centric approach to the grant review process, a patient review panel ensures that patient and caregiver priorities are reflected in the research funding process.

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