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The Peace of Mind You Get From an Experienced Attorney

The legal process following a serious injury can be a bewildering labyrinth filled with dangerous pitfalls and mistakes just waiting to be made, stacks and stacks of frustrating paperwork, and potentially hostile parties and false friends nipping at your heels. Perhaps the worst part of the whole thing is that all this is in addition to your injury itself and the debilitating, nagging pain that keeps you from work and your normal life. You miss work for days, and then weeks, with medical bills steadily mounting. Eventually, the expenses become too much for you and your family to bear. You may feel overwhelmed, anxious, and even hopeless.

stewardship, guidance, and compassion of an experienced attorney can do a great deal to lift this tremendous weight from your shoulders, allowing you to cut away the noise and focus on what really matters — your family and your recovery. In my line of work, you see a lot of people at their very lowest point, having been beaten down, undercut, and jerked around by insurance companies and other forces beyond their control. It’s very rare that I ever receive a call from a potential client looking to make a quick buck or get revenge on an opposing party. Rather, they simply want to be made whole again after a terrible accident — to be able to take care of themselves and their families again. That’s where we come in. It’s deeply rewarding to be able to look a person in the eye who’s in my office for the first time, downtrodden and at their wits’ end, and then break their case down into manageable pieces and tell them that we can take it from here. The sense of relief is almost palpable as they finally discover someone with their best interests firmly at heart. They come in bearing the weight of the world and leave feeling lighter than they have in months. This is the reason I do what I do. Not for accolades or personal gratification, or because it just seemed like a lucrative career. I do it because I take great pride in

helping regular folks hold their insurance companies accountable, ensuring that they receive every penny of the compensation they need and deserve to pay off their medical bills and live a full life without crushing debt and debilitating injury. Legal systems are in place to protect you and your family in the event of a catastrophe. But it shouldn’t be on you to wrangle the million little details and

“They come in bearing the weight of the world and leave feeling lighter than they have in months.”

challenges of the legal process. Let us handle your case and give you the peace of mind you need to turn your attention to more important matters at hand.

In the midst of this incredibly stressful situation, it can be difficult to know just where to turn. But one thing is certain: The

–Bryce Angell

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