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To provide “Windows of Opportunity” through computers for second year AmericanArchitectural Window&Door partners with Electronic Access Foundation and JAHMA T and Electronic Access Foun- dation.

to be able to add the gift of a computer to these students who may have never had one of their own is huge in help- ing them advance with their studies.” John Zoetjes was pleased to continue as a corporate sponsor of the program and explains, “It’s a great program and al- lows use to give back to the affordable housing segment of the multi-family housing industry that has supported American Architectural Win- dow & Door for more than 25 years.” “Electronic Access Founda-

tion saw first hand how huge an impact these donations made when we distributed and talked with these students. We certainly plan to continue this partnership with the JAHMA Foundation and American Ar- chitectural Window & Door for many years to come” says Greg Campbell. “The efforts of Elec- tronic Access Foundation are focused on securing donations of ‘gently used’ computers that are 3 to 5 years old. Most dona- tions come from corporations, schools and small businesses that upgrade their technology on a regular basis. Often those computers that are rotated out of corporate use are still viable and current enough to operate today’s programs. To make sure the computers are donation-ready, we wipe the hard drive of all data, install a new operating system along with some educational soft- ware.Companies that donate computers are eligible for a fair market value tax deduction.” Zoetjes said, “It is important for me and my company to give something back to those residents who, for whatever reason, are living in public and transitional housing.” John and the entire team at Ameri- can Architectural Window & Door take great pride in work- ing closely with local and state Government Agency Housing Authorities. “We recognize the need and have welcomed the opportunity to work with these agencies for the last 25 years to provide creative, cost effective window solutions that help en- sure quality affordable housing throughout New Jersey, the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic re- gions. These projects generally have requirements that are dif- ferent from traditional markets and privately-owned communi- ties. Challenges these projects bring are greatly rewarded by the smiles and “thank you” we receive from residents after their new windows have been installed!” To qualify for JAHMA Foun- dation grants, students must be a high school graduate or holder of a GED. Student Ap- plicants must be enrolled in a community college, university, college, or trade school and the student’s primary residence must be in New Jersey. Stu- dents already in school must have good grades and must be a resident in good standing at a member affordable housing community in New Jersey". 

he JAHMA Founda- tion of New Jersey made computers avail- able to scholarship recipients who were eligible college stu- dents living in affordable NJ housing communities. The New Jersey Affordable Housing Management As- sociation is one of nineteen Associations across the coun- try. This is the second con- secutive year that the JAHMA Foundation was able to make computers available to these eligible students through the assistance of American Ar- chitectural Window&Door

Key players who make these donations possible include Greg Campbell of Electronic Access Foundation , John Zoetjes , president of Ameri- can Architectural Window & Door (AAWD) , and Dr. Bruce W. Johnson of the JAHMA Foundation. Johnson, who works with the Founda- tion’s scholarship program to secure qualified applicants and determine the award re- cipients said, “The continued partnership with Electronic Access Foundation and AAWD

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