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M y involvement with John Deere and the dealership in Lacon started over 25 years ago when my dad (Dick Rupiper) had me paint the showroom over a summer break. The wall color was a dark, drab brown, and it took a lot of primer to get it covered! Some of you may remember the article in the 1992 “Scoop by Rupe.” After that, I was “promoted” to washing combines and performing general maintenance around the shop until I went to college. Upon graduating from Bradley University with a mechanical engineering degree, I started at John Deere and Company in Horicon, Wisconsin, where I worked with lawn and garden equipment.

I still remember the senior engineer telling me that my experience at the dealership was key to being selected for the position. I spent time in product design, production support, and product validation and verification. I’ve worked on products at the conceptual stage, through development, and through production, until they were finally placed in the customers’ hands. Along the way, our family relocated twice; in total, we lived in three different states. When I chose to leave Deere and return to the dealership in 2012, it was like coming back full circle to where I had started. What’s exciting is that agriculture is in a very critical transitionary period. Farmers have never had so much information available at their fingertips. At the same time, technology is infiltrating into every product category. Helping customers navigate these waters of change is what keeps me energized. It’s also where KSR differentiates itself from the competition. We’re your partner when it comes to making your equipment and technology operate at peak potential. Whether it’s getting a machine up and running, providing critical parts at critical times, or helping you plan your technology updates, we’re here to help. I’ve been married to my wonderful wife, Sarah, for 17 years. We have three outstanding children, Jacob (15), Philip (11), and Clare (7). Outside the dealership, Sarah and I are always on the move, mostly with our kids’ activities or trying to sneak in short trips, because we love to travel. Personally, I enjoy a number of different hobbies that have nothing to do with agriculture. That may sound strange, but it helps me keep a different perspective and allows my mind to work on different problems and challenges than what happens every day at the dealership.

–Chris Rupiper

March - April 2018

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