Lewis-Goetz UpTimes, March 2016

March 2016

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During these economic conditions, it is critical that we as an organization urgently come together in order to collaborate and develop as a team to try to grow business. To do this, we are highly focused on a company-wide, all hands on deck initiative called “Share of Wallet.” This is growing existing products within our existing customer base and introducing new products to existing customers. Share of Wallet is not just a sales initiative — it’s a company focus this year and will become a part of our business process in the future. It is critical that we support this through every department and aspect of our company so that we can achieve the desired business results. Read more about Share of Wallet in the first article.

Share of Wallet Process Telenotes

Safety Excellence

One of the key tools that will help us measure if we’re achieving these results is Telenotes which is our company-wide CRM (Customer

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Relationship Management) tool. Everyone that has direct contact with customers should be recording their progress into Telenotes as part of the Share of Wallet initiative so that we have an accurate record of the activity of the project. Telenotes is a tool that is extremely easy to use and you can dictate what transpired after a customer meeting right into your phone. Learn the benefits of Telenotes, how it’s helping some of your colleagues and how to get access to it and training by reading the article in this newsletter. In addition to growing our business this year, as always, keeping our employees safe is and will continue to be our most important priority. This issue of the newsletter highlights one of our safest locations that strives every day to think outside of the box from a safety and efficiency standpoint. They do this through heavily engaging all employees in the topic and discussion of safety, constantly evaluating processes and determining ways to improve and ensuring that everything is safety compliant that they do or touch. As a result of this focus, they have been incident free for nearly 12 years. I encourage all branches to read this article and consider employing these best practices into your own workplace. Finally, the Sales Strat contest winners from January and February implemented solutions at customer sites that not only increase loyalty from these customers but also differentiate us as a solutions provider vs. just providing products and how those solutions impact our customer’s bottom line directly. I would like to congratulate both winners. And I highly encourage everyone to read not only these solutions that were implemented but to pay close attention to your “This Week at LG” emails and see if you can carry some of the best practices that are highlighted each week onto your own customers sites. Additionally, you can also pull appealing examples right out of Sales Strat and share them with customers. There is also a case study book and PDF examples available on our intranet’s Sales and Marketing Section that contain some of our best examples and a tool on our website that you can utilize to garner ideas to share with customers for differentiation. These examples will be a very important factor to achieving growth with customers as part of our Share of Wallet initiative. As I mentioned in the January-February issue of UpTimes, all account managers will be expected to utilize Sales Strat and we will continue our contest to incentivize you along the way. I hope to see 100% Sales Strat participation from the field in 2016.

Don Evans President and CEO

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