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KNOWLEDGE BEANS -13 a huma n r e s ou r c e news l e t t e r aug 2009

Highlights of this issue - Industry champion,Vincent Schoon gives us his insights on the impact of Global Training Designs in India - Prachi Jain illuminates the path to great possibilities with Intraprenuership - Niket Karajagi explicates the art of manoeuvring through tough times

Vincent Schoon, Managing Director of Machwuerth Team International (MTI) Asia Pte. Ltd., has been involved in management consultancy for more than 10 years. Vincent hails from a practical and hands-on background in sales and management in varied countries as Hong Kong, Dubai, Israel and Canada over a 15-year period, in commercial and executive positions for investment houses and financial institutions. IMPACTOFGLOBALTRAININGDESIGNSON INDIA

Countries in Asia have always been hungry for new ideas and i n n o v a t i v e

mindset of individuals. The word ‘Team’ started to be used more frequently, sales units began to adopt the term Team Selling, gone were the days of an individual sales person trudging on his own from appointment to appointment. Team targets replaced individual targets, more efficient use of resources, top sales people helping the mid and low performers, all for the betterment and glory of the team! In short, the maintenance of skills and knowledge learnt were being measured. Where did this phenomenon derive from? Did it suddenly appear or was it there all along but nobody was paying attention to its presence. . I guess a little of both. Having worked and managed a large team of sales people in Canada, I would admit that Team Selling and Leadership dimensions have always been part of the fabric of organisations there. Situational leadership was always the core of a manager’s DNA, talent

approaches develop themselves, whether in the area of manufacturing, services or people development. The late 80’s and the entire 90’s saw organisations investing heavily in training initiatives which bore the imprint of renowned management gurus. Some organisations were privileged to actually have these gurus deliver or facilitate workshops for them; others had to make do with franchise organisations facilitating on behalf of the license owners.The purpose served - people were receiving training and development, new ideas were being learnt and sometimes implemented, a degree of motivation amongst the staff, were observed. to further

The dawn of the millennium has seen some very radical changes in the

the editor’s column

Mohua a psychologist bringing this paradigm to the corporate sector. She is passionate about tapping into the infinite capabilities of the human potential. She looks forward to her unique contribution to people in the by qualification is

Mohua - Editor | editor@atyaasaa.com

We hope the annual edition was insightful.With renewed vigour we are back with this edition bringing India to the focal point, thirsty and ambitious for guidance, for ideas and avenues to better ways of business and work.The world is slowly realizing the significance of honing the Indian talent to excel, illustrates our Industry Champion – Vincent Schoon. The sharp and ambitious are given a stage to showcase and implement their ideas by the support of their employers - Prachi Jain elucidates the wonders of Intrapreneurship.We may have not been left unscathed by recession but we surely can learn from it and act smart with invaluable pointers givenbyNiket Karajagi inmanoeuvring through tough times.

form of assisting them in showcasing themselves. She therefore strives as an editor of Knowledge Beans to help people share their experiences and pearls of wisdom to all those who seek it.

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