Yankee Home Improvement - September 2018

SEPT 2018



The Biggest Event of the Year

This month, everybody around Yankee Home Improvement is readying up for The Big E, which most of you probably know is one of the oldest, largest annual fairs in the entire country. Held every year in West Springfield, Massachusetts, it’s an enormous shindig with tons of live music, rides, and more fried food than anybody should ever eat. But for me and the rest of the company, the best part of the event is hanging out at our booth and connecting with dozens of our wonderful customers. This year, it’ll be our sixth year at the exposition, but with something like a 10-year waiting list for new businesses to get into the event, it took a lot of work to get us in originally. For years, we would send the officials in charge of the show little things to put us on their radar. But despite sending flowers, flyers, and other small gifts, nothing seemed to work — that is, until we sent a squishy foam foot in, alongside a humorous piece our writers drafted up. Initially, we didn’t get any response from that either, until one day, I saw that the guy who’s in charge of the whole operation was up for an award. So, hoping to strike up a conversation, I called him up to congratulate him on the accomplishment. I knew he was from Ireland, so I put on my best Dublin accent and started chatting with him about the Auld Sod.

Fifteen minutes into the call, we were talking away, when he suddenly asked me, “Now who are you again?” He wasn’t sure if he knew me already or not! When I told him I was the guy who sent the foot in, he chuckled, and that was that — we were in! Lucky thing, too, because in the six years we’ve been doing it, it’s been an absolute blast. I’m not huge on big crowds and rides, but I am big on talking to people, so I always enjoy my time running our booth. With more than 1.5 million people attending the event each year, it’s amazing how many of our old customers stop by to check in and say hello, not to mention all the fresh faces I get to meet. It’s important to me that all of us at Yankee Home Improvement forge genuine relationships with the people we serve — after all, we want to be your contractor for life! — and The Big E is the perfect venue to connect with our awesome customers and hear what they’ve been up to. This year, we’ll be celebrating the 10th anniversary of our company while we’re at the event. If you’re going to make it out to this enormous exhibition — and you absolutely should! — grab a deep fried holy cannoli, make sure to stop by, and say hello to the team. We’d love to see you! –Ger Ronan

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