Why is it so difficult to keep New Year’s resolutions?

Get more exercise, maintain a healthier diet, improve the way you manage your finances, stop smoking, use the car less... December is barely over and your list of New Year’s reso- lutions is as long as your arm! Fortified with steely determination and raring to go, you have every intention of starting off the New Year on the right foot. And yet, as time goes by, your resolutions slip away. Why is it so darn difficult to keep New Year’s resolutions? First of all, human beings don’t like change and leaving their comfort zone is easier said than done. All your best intentions and your moti-

vation will tend to fade away after a few weeks of hard work unless you redouble your zeal. The key? Use some common sense and don’t lie to yourself. Having two, three, four, or even five resolutions on your list is all very well on paper, but it’s not feasible in reality. Concentrate your efforts on just one resolution and do your utmost to succeed in it. Otherwise you’ll keep going down the same frustrating path year after year. Be realistic. Would you like to lose some weight? Set yourself an objective that is within


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Be realistic. Set yourself an objective that is within your reach so you won’t become discouraged and give up.

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your reach so you won’t become discouraged and give up. Take it one week at a time and keep notes on your progress. If you ever feel like giving up, look at your notes and you may

be surprised by the progress you’ve made. And don’t hesitate to ask for the support of your loved ones. Their love is an everlasting source of motivation!

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Noël, notre fête, c’est un temps de joie, d’amour et de célébration. C’est l’occasion de vous offrir mes meilleurs voeux pour un Joyeux Noël, des réunions en familles et du plaisir, des souvenirs d’antan. Et j’en profite pour vous souhaiter une nouvelleannéeprospère,de lasantéetdubonheur.

Christmas, our precious Holiday; it’s a time of joy, love and celebration. I wish to offer youmy best for aMerry Christmas, family reunions andmemories of the past. Also a Happy New Year filled with prosperity, good health and happiness.

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