The ten Christmas commandments

1. Thou shalt not go to more than one party per day

2.Thou shalt refuse third helpings Your taste buds might think they’ve gone to heaven but don’t let holiday buffets be an excuse for overeating. If you need to loosen your belt, stop eating!

3.Thou shalt limit your alcohol consumption

8.Thou shalt give to others Because this time of year is all about being generous, make the most of it to help a friend or volunteer for a local organization. 9.Thou shalt be careful on the roads Don’t drive in questionable weather or poor road conditions or if you are overtired or have had one glass too many. Take a taxi or accept an invitation to sleep in a spare bedroom. 10. Thou shalt have fun Say “yes” to fun and forget about stress. Let yourself enjoy the best of the season, inclu- ding gatherings with family or friends.

Are you as busy as Santa Claus over the holidays? Be careful not to wear yourself out. Learn to say “no” and only accept invitations to parties you really want to go to.

Is your glass being refilled before it’s even empty? It’s your responsibility to keep an eye on your alcohol intake. Have a great evening but don’t lose control. 4.Thou shalt be yourself If you hate the thought of wearing a tie or high heels, then don’t. Leave high fashion to others; being comfortable will only increase your enjoyment of the time spent with friends. 5.Thou shalt respect your budget Do you love spoiling your loved ones? Just be careful to respect your holiday budget and Avoid talking about politics, money, and religion during the festivities. Be ready to compromise when disagreement arises. 7. Thou shalt make some time for yourself Don’t forget to take a break from the holiday frenzy. Make some time for yourself — just for yourself. use your credit card sparingly. 6.Thou shalt avoid arguments

Marc Tourangeau Conseiller / Councillor

Joyeux Noël et une Bonne Année santé et bonheur pour 2013

Merci à notre clientèle pour votre encouragement. Nous vous souhaitons un Joyeux Noël et une Bonne Année!

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J oyeux Noël et Bonne Année

Prescott Electric Motors

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Meilleurs voeux pour un Noël plein de joie

et une nouvelle année remplie de bonheur. MAURICE GUÉRIN

Les résidents et le personnel de la Résidence Prescott et Russell vous souhaitent...

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Que la magie de Noël apporte joie et gaieté dans vos foyers, qu’elle soit le prélude d’une nouvelle année remplie de bonheur, de paix, de santé et de sérénité pour vous et ceux qui vous sont proches.

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