A gift to last a lifetime

The freedom of the road: what a great Christmas gift to give your teenager! Your aspiring driver will be thrilled to receive this recognition of his or her independence and trustworthiness. Driving lessons will help them become fully qualified in a safe environment where emphasis is placed on anticipating risks, identifying dangerous behaviour, and sharing the road. They are also a great gift for busy parents who might be in need of some peace of mind or who are tired of ferrying the kids all over town. Offering the gift of driving lessons to a young person is both an original and practical idea. By opting for a gift certificate you’ll be able to choose how much you want to pay for the training, equipment, and materials necessary for the success of the would-be driver. Before signing up or making any sort of pay- ment, check that the school you have selected

is a member of a recognized association of driving schools and be sure to sign a formal contract. Of course, you will want to choose a driving school that is close to home and that has a good reputation. You might want to take into consideration certain other details, such as whether the school provides vehicles for the road test and how many hours of in-car training learners will receive. The cost of driving lessons can vary from one school to another, but the quality of the trai- ning should always be your first priority. This is one area where parents shouldn’t try to cut corners in order to get a good deal! It is a good idea to pay by cheque, credit, or debit card so that there is a record of payment, and be sure to keep all invoices and receipts.

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Driving lessons are a great gift for busy parents who are tired of ferrying the kids around town.

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