The Yellow Cover Magazine Christmas Dinner Premiere Issue

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Secrets to great cornbread dressing TURKEY & DRESSING

Community reach and the rise of one cooking at home is why we developed our brand. Let's get cooking! Add buttered sauteed onions , green bell pepper , and celery to the cornbread center ; add a tablespoon of sage and a tablespoon of poultry season and stir to taste . Add a half teaspoon of salt and pepper and stir . Taste to test the desired flavor , and lastly , add one to two cups of broth from the turkey and 2 eggs and pour the mixture into a baking dish and bake until the cornbread dressing browned and set throughout 30 – 45 minutes .

First , start by cooking your cornbread ; follow the instructions on the bag of your desired cornmeal , and don ' t forget to brown the top of the bread before removing it from the oven . Remove from the oven and don ' t cool down ; a great iron pot like the ones from the Lodge Cast Iron collection would be an ideal use . Cut the bread into squares and tear the crust from the top , and remove a third of it so you will have a smooth texture ; fork until smooth .

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