King's Business - 1944-10

ERE is a valuable Christmas sugges­ tion, and if you accept it'a t once you will save $3! You may send THE KING’S BUSINESS to a friend for two years for .only $2 (regu­ lar price $1.50 a year in U. S.*). If you send TWO two-year subscriptions (total price $4) , you may: have a free copy of Louis T. Talbot’s life story, the fascina­ ting new book entitled When God Saved the Brewer’s Boy. | The price of the book alone is $1.... By accepting this offer you actually receive $7 value for $4.

If you want faith for your own family, read about God’s working in the Talbot home in Australia. In the Foreword to the book, H. A.'Ironside declares: “It magnifies the grace of God.” There are 80 pages . . . many illustrations . . . and you will find your­ self moved to laughter, to tears, and to fresh endeavor for Christ. Orders must be' placed NOW for delivery November 1, in plenty of time for Christmas/ Subscriptions may be entered as Christmas gifts, beginning with either the Christmas or the. January issue. Why not take care of your gift-giving in this easy way?

"■♦Add 25 cents for each Canadian and foreign subscription 1

THE KING’S BUSINESS 558 South Hope Street Los Angeles 13, Calif,

Send 2-year

1s. Name .....

Sender’s name

Yes, 1want to save $3. I enclose $4 for TWO 2-year subscriptions • at $2 each (regular price $1.50 a year in U. S.*).. Send Dr. Talbot’s book (retail price $1) to:

Address .


Renewal? z. Nam e......

Address ....... ..........................!... •.....................


If/Christmas gift cards are desired, in - di^rte CLEARLY to whom they are to he sent, and by whom. Cards will be mailed in December.

Book delivered Nov. 1.

Renewal? l 7

Begin (mo.)..

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