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M ultifamily D evelopment By Chuck Savage, JC Elite Construction Services, LLC Middlesex Community College celebrates modular construction anniversary


at the factory was the use of full four-inch brick exteriors installed onto a structural frame using wide flange 14”pe - rimeter “I” beams with a 4” reinforced concrete sub-floor. Each of the modular sec- tions weighed over a 100,000 pounds and required special transporters in order that the building sections could be to delivered the 250 miles to the project site without damaging them. Once on site they were installed with the use of a 600- ton crane to erect the sections onto the foundations. Another unique design fea- ture was green-house section

of the biology lab being con- structed with a 12’ long cantile- vered modular section that did not need of any supports to the ground. This was also a first for the modular industry. Some of the other innovations that were included was the use of special louvers that looked like dormers and chimneys as part of the pitched roof that were actually air intake and exhaust systems respectively. This allowed for all the HVAC equipment to be concealed in the roof cavity to avoid any potential vandalism as well as protecting the condensers from being covered by annual heavy snow fall if left on the ground. Most of the interior finishes such as parquet floors, in the student lounges, full height ceramic tile walls and floors in the bathrooms were all in- stalled at the factory. A com- plete kitchen designed to serve over 2,000 meals a day was shipped within the modular sections for the cafeteria por- tion of the project. All the heating and cooling ductwork, most of the sprinkler system, and majority of all the electrical systems were all installed at the factory within each building section. All inte- rior and exterior doors as well as all windows were installed at the factory. For the music class- rooms they were all specially designed soundproof rooms. All the chemistry classrooms had the necessary gas lines run at the factory for the work stations and each chemistry and biology lab had special eye washing stations as well as complete decontamination showers in- stalled at the factory. The use of this type of modu- lar construction enabled Mid- dlesex Community College to open their new campus a year sooner than if conventional construction was utilized thus allowing them to save an entire year of rent at the two locations that they were currently occu- pying at the time. In addition, the State of Massachusetts was able to save 20% for all the work constructed at the factory since that scope of work was not subject to the prevailing rate as it was built offsite. I am proud to have been part of this groundbreaking modular project. Chuck Savage is direc- tor of Modular Buildings, Design and Construction at JC Elite Construction Services, LLC. 

his year marks the 30th anniversary for the modular construc-

tion indus- tries ’ most monumental project of its’ time. Middlesex Community Co l l ege in Bedford, MA was the first

Chuck Savage

and since only college campus to be built entirely with steel frame factory constructed modular building sections. The project consisted of 260 six sided volumetric modules

Middlesex Community College in Bedford, MA

forming 156,000 s/f of two and three-story structures which comprised the campus. Some

of the innovations that were incorporated during construc- tion of the modular sections

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