M id A tlantic Real Estate Journal — New Jersey — May 15 - 28, 2020 — 3B


N ew J ersey

Renters & landlords need help. We have a solution.

Job loss protection that pays the rent. Get peace-of-mind with rent guarantees designed to keep tenants current on rent if they lose their job or become disabled and unable to work.*

Rent Guarantee

TRUSTED PARTNERS Powered by Pensio and administered in the United States by World Insurance Associates.

PROTECT CASH FLOW We keep the cash coming in if your tenant loses their job, so you can focus on your business.

SIMPLE AND SECURE Online registration can be done in minutes, simply and securely.

Get Started Today. Visit www.worldins.net/solution Speak with us at 732-784-6075 Email: wredmond@worldins.net

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*Subject to terms and conditions of the Rent Guarantee Agreement and Rent Guarantee Summary. Note on the COVID-19 pandemic: Subject to terms and conditions, please see details on our website at www.worldins.net/pensiotenants/faq

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