Minnesota School Of Music - July 2021


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Music lessons are highly individual, but they’re also often a family affair. We’ve taught so many siblings over the years, and many have asked about lessons for the youngest members of their families. Previously we’ve offered lessons for kids as young as 5, but that’s all changing this September when we roll out our Music FunTime program. WHAT IS THIS AWESOME NEW PROGRAM FOR YOUNGER KIDS? Kids as young as 18 months can enroll in this nationally recognized comprehensive music program. Classes are held once a week for 30 minutes in a small group setting. For your kids, this half hour will whiz by with fun crafts and music-based activities. These classes are appropriate for kids aged 18 months to 7 years. This program is also a great, affordable option for families who are enrolling multiple children in lessons at MnSOM. WHAT WILL MY KIDS LEARN? The Music FunTime curriculum was developed with kids’ unique learning abilities in mind. Just as they learn color, letters, numbers, and shapes, your kids can learn musical notes and symbols. Trained instructors will teach these concepts in a fun environment with colorful tools, crafts, and, of course, hands-on experience playing rhythm and other instruments. They’ll get a peek behind the curtain of what their siblings are doing during their lessons, and this class will set them up well to move on to individual lessons as they get older. ARE THERE BENEFITS TO LEARNING MUSIC THIS YOUNG? Here at MnSOM, we talk a lot about the lifelong benefits of learning to play an instrument. Music FunTime is a great way to bring those benefits to more of your family members. In addition to being a fun social activity for kids, these classes are a great precursor to individual instrument music lessons later in life and studies have shown that learning music at a young age is not only possible but it also helps kids to develop confidence and primes them to grasp math and science concepts as they develop.

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Why did the student eat her homework? Because her teacher said it was a piece of cake. Charlie Fehrenbacher

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To learn more, just ask at your next lesson or visit MusicFunTime.org.

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