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MeetYour City Council Redmond has seven councilmembers who are elected by voters to adopt the budget, establish law and policy, approve appropriations and contracts, levy taxes, and grant franchises.

A look at East Link construction near Overlake Village Station in Redmond - June 5, 2019

Introducing Redmond’s New Online Community Conversation

Sound Transit Light Rail Update

“By taking our traditional open house format and putting it online, we hope that Let’s Connect will offer more people the opportunity to be heard and to influence City decision-making, at a place and time that works

Let’s Connect is Redmond’s new online open house - a place where the community can learn about several of Redmond’s upcoming plans, programs, and projects, and provide feedback, ask questions, and post comments to help inform decisions made by the City. “The City of Redmond is committed to problem-solving and data-based decision-making that is informed by our residents, employees, and businesses of Redmond,” said Mayor John Marchione.

more opportunities to provide timely feedback on decision-making that affected their community. We hope you will visit often, at a time that works for you. Since the program launched on July 8, over 1,200 community members have shared their thoughts on the Community Strategic Plan, Fire and Police Services, and Derby Days. Log on and have your say!

Written by Ryan Bianchi, Sound Transit East Link Extension

Rail has arrived in Redmond! Crews recently began installing the steel rails that will help light rail trains glide over local streets between Redmond and Bellevue. Besides laying tracks, crews have been spending a lot of time pouring concrete and installing conduit and safety barriers on newly formed bridges over area roadways. Much of the work happens at night to keep drivers safe and traffic moving. Sign up for construction alerts at EastLink to get the latest project alerts. At the two Redmond stations in Overlake (Overlake Village and Redmond Technology), you can now see the station platforms and canopies, and get a rough idea of how pedestrians will flow in and out. At Overlake Village Station, you can also see the concrete piers for a new pedestrian and bicycle bridge that will cross over SR 520 and connect the light rail station to the SR 520 regional bike trail. The steel bridge truss will be set in place this fall. At Redmond Technology Station, external steel and glass are popping up quickly at the future 320-stall parking garage. The East Link Extension project will officially become the Blue Line when service begins in 2023. The Downtown Redmond Link Extension project adds two more stations to the Blue Line starting in 2024. Downtown Redmond Link Extension Sound Transit’s board of directors has accepted the highest-ranked proposal for the design-build team that will take the Downtown Redmond Link Extension from concept to reality. If all goes according to schedule, the selected contractor could begin submitting final designs and construction permit applications later this year. Construction comes with unavoidable effects to nearby homes and businesses, and Sound Transit is committed to working with the community through the process. If your group or organization would like to learn more about specific project details, you can schedule a briefing through the outreach team listed at .

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for their schedule.” Let’s Connect is a result of community focus groups and

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feedback collected in 2018, where participants expressed interest in

RESULTS FROM A RECENT QUESTIONNAIRE What are your favorite activities at Derby Days?

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