Crest Ink - Volume 30 - Number 02

Where are They Now? Featuring: Jan Warner by Cheri Kemp Editors Note: Beginning with this issue of the Crest Ink, we will have a story on what some of our former longtime employees are doing since their retirement. Our first is with Jan Warner. The name ‘Warner’ might be recognizable as her son, Brent Warner, who has been with Crest Foods since 1988, is our Production Set- Up Manager.

When I was able to speak to Jan in early March, she and husband Jim, were enjoying the warm air and sunshine of Florida. Having known Jan when she was still working at Crest, I have to say she sounded exactly like she did all those years ago! Jan worked for Crest Foods from 1971 until 2001, so she worked for over 30 years and has now spent 17 years in retirement. Jan said that the first 11 years of her retirement, she and husband Jim volunteered with MAPS – Mission America Placement Services. This is an RV volunteer ministry. Jan said there were around 500 couples all around the U.S. involved in this ministry. Different couples had different skill sets that could be used in building a church or church camp and this group traveled in their RV’s all over the United States. Groups of 5 to 15 couples would spend a winter at the site where the church or camp was being constructed and use their particular talents in completing the construction project. Jan & Jim were drywall finishers. This means when the project got far enough along, they would do all the finish work involved such as mud, tape and sand drywall. In return, the church they were working for would provide them a spot to park their RV and cover all utility costs and the cost of the RV Park. “This saved the church a lot of money because all the labor was volunteer and we got to enjoy meeting many people and spend winters where it was warm.” Jan & Jim were most often stationed in Texas, but also spent time in Arkan- sas, Tennessee and Missouri, being drywall finishers. “One winter we were in charge of 12 horses for a church camp making sure the horses were well cared for and ready for all the campers. That was really fun.” (Jan & Jim are avid horsemen) After 11 years, Jan said they decided it was time to hang up their tool belts and give their bodies a rest so they decid- ed to leave the MAPS volunteer organization. Since then they have enjoyed their family and now spend several months each winter in the Lakeland, Florida, area and then return to the Stillman Valley area for the summer. “Dur- ing the summer we spend a lot of time mowing for our kids who live in the area and take little trips here and there. In 2017 we sold our little farmette and horses because we just weren’t around enough to ride the horses. We still love to ride but it just didn’t make sense anymore. “I will always be indebted to Crest for the opportunities, faith and trust they put in me” said Jan. We at Crest Foods are very happy to hear that Jan, and her husband Jim, are thoroughly enjoying their retirement years and wish them many more. Here is a little background on Jan and her 30+ interesting years at Crest Foods: Jan started her career at Crest Foods in 1971 as the Secretary-Receptionist in what we now call the North Plant. In 1971 that building and the one across the street (formerly the laundromat) were the only 2 Crest properties. “I worked for Jay (Meiners), took his dictation and typed letters and answered the phone. There was only one other office employee then and her name was Ardella Hardesty. We didn’t have an intercom in those days so if I needed to find someone I just had to make a lot of phone calls” said Jan.

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