Crest Ink - Volume 30 - Number 02

Crest Foods Wins Supplier of the Year by Jeff Meiners

Crest’s Dairy Ingredient Division recently received the exciting news that we were named the supplier of the year for Upstate Niagara Co- operative located in Buffalo New York. A group of employees from their West Seneca Plant and corporate headquarters presented Crest with their award as well as testimonials from various staff on how we have impacted their business. It was very gratifying to receive such positive feedback. We have consistently worked with Upstate over the past 40 years and consider them to be a true business partner with a staff of people throughout their organization that are amongst the best we know to work with. Thank you and congratulations to all

GETTING TO KNOW Contract Packaging Production Supervisors It’s an understatement that Production Supervisors in our Contract Packaging Division wear a lot of different hats. They deal with documentation, production rates, good manufacturing practices, safety, efficiencies, and attendance on a daily basis, but at the core of it all, their job really revolves around people. Al Hess, Amy Wilcox, Dan Yates, Gina Smith, Cass Askegaard, Keith Larson and Angie Paul spend about half of their day coaching, staffing lines, matching skill sets and ultimately trying to figure out how to help everyone succeed at their jobs. With about 350 employees in their department, a high turnover rate for entry level positions, and a wide-variety of product SKU’s, it’s really quite a puzzle to figure this out on a daily basis. Everyone in this group of 7 has worked their way up through the Production Department, collectively spending 144 years dedicated to Crest Foods. They’ve all proven to understand the intricacies of their department and the impor- tance of building a skilled and motivated team of employees to work with. Thanks to this group for all they do for Crest. It would be hard to get through a day without you. Here are just a few facts about our production supervisors that might give you an insight into their lives when they aren’t at work. the Crest employees and suppliers that played a role in making our service to Upstate so outstanding that we re- ceived a near perfect score on their rating system. Also, thank you to Upstate for having a program such as this that recognizes the role suppliers play in the success of an organization. Your recognition makes us want to try even harder next year!

Keith Larson – 15 years B-Shift West Facility

Interests: Spending time with my wife and daughter, hunting, fishing, golfing, weightlifting and metal detecting. I also play in a basketball league and on the Crest flag football team. 1 thing most don’t know about me: I can draw. 1st job at Crest: Working on line 14. I believe this was a cookie (Pillsbury?) and I was training with Javier Munoz.

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