Crest Ink - Volume 30 - Number 02

You’ll never see a press release from Crest regarding matters that we consider to be for our employees only. How- ever, when bonuses are paid, those that are involved will know and feel the satisfaction and reward that is the result of their contributions to a successful year for a thriving organization. We will be extra aggressive this year in investing in new equipment that will help to keep our company relevant and acting as a valuable resource for our customers and ultimately our employees. Watch for these additions as the year goes on. Our intent and hope is that these types of investments will prove to be valuable tools in helping Crest pay back our employees for not only this year, but many to come. Recommended Stretches What’s the first thing you’ll do before your Saturday morning run ? I’ll bet it’s the same thing you do after a long car ride. You’ll stretch. You’ll move and loosen up and warm up your muscles. And you’ll feel great after you do it. Warming up your body and stretching are very natural things to do, and there are many benefits to doing them. Just as you benefit from stretching and warm-up exercises in your day-to-day life, you can benefit from stretching before and during work. Stretching reduces the risk of musculoskeletal injuries by reducing fatigue, improving muscular balance and posture, and improving muscle coordination. The WAVE Safety Team asked Personal Trainer Justin Guenther (Ingredient Production Supervisor) to recommend some basic stretches that can be done at any job sta- tion at any time of the day to help reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries. You can find these stretches posted throughout the facility as well.

• Neck Roll: Tilt and roll neck from side to side for 5-10 reps in each direction • Slowly stretch down and reach toward the floor. Hold until you feel the stretch, about 5 seconds. • Shoulder Roll: Rotate shoulders up and back for 5-10 reps. Then reverse the direction and rotate shoulders up and forward for 5-10 reps. • Sky Stretch: Stand up straight, feet together, flat on floor. Interlace fingers with palms facing up, reach and look roward the ceiling. Hold about 5 seconds. • Arm Circles: Rotate arms forward in a small circle for 5-10 reps, gradually increasing size of circles. Reverse direction doing the same for 5-10 reps. • Slowly raise up and reach toward the ceiling, stretch to the left, stretch to the right.

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