The Experience Magazine 50th Year Edition

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WOLBI was no doubt one of the best years of my life, and the love and hunger I have for the Word of God was deeply planted in my heart there. Wesley Yerkes ’86

In 1985, a variety of ministries came into play at the Bible Institute. Two new ministry clubs – the Jugglers for Jesus and the King’s Kung Fuist and Karate for Christ Team – were among those created. The goal of these clubs was to give students the opportunity to use their unique skills in ministry and to draw unbelievers to hear the gospel. In these ways, ministry adapted to the times. 1985 also saw the inception of WOLBI’s Prison Ministry (which expanded to include a Prison Basketball Ministry in 1987) and the expansion of both church and youth ministry teams. One of the youth ministry teams that grew at the end of the ‘80s was Adirondack Outreach, which consisted of three teams that traveled to small local churches and ran Bible clubs. The late ‘80s also saw a Boy Scout ministry and an overnight ministry to a homeless mission in Albany.


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