The Experience Magazine 50th Year Edition

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God radically changed my life at WOLBI. I spent my teen years in foster care and lived on the streets for a couple

Did You Know? Holding hands at WOLBI was perfectly okay… if you were at the roller skating rink!

months before coming to WOLBI. It was a BIG

transition! I spent the first half of the year being the campus rebel, and the last half being utterly transformed. How can I encapsulate all that in a single memory? Micah (Robitille ’94) Munroe

In 1993, all parts of the ministry worked together to hold Eternity One Million, a celebration of Jack’s 90th birthday and a huge gospel event in New York City. 2,000 young people from around the country joined Bible Institute students as they distributed over 235,000 tracts and shared the gospel one-on-one nearly 7,000 times. 690 professions of salvation were made during that one week, and during 1993, across the globe, one million professions of faith were made!

Smaller drama teams were incorporated into WOLBI ministries during the early ‘90s, and provided an incredible way to share the gospel with those who would never listen to a traditional church service or longer production.

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