The Experience Magazine 50th Year Edition

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One of my favorite memories from WOLBI is the week I spent counseling at The Ranch in between my first and second year. The Ranch needed extra help, so they flew in several camp counselors from Florida, including myself. During that time, I was able to prayerfully and seriously commit to attending second year. Laura Rodriguez ’09 & ‘10

I always say that first year taught me about my relationship with Christ, and second year taught me about my relationship with others through Christ. Word of Life will forever hold a special place in my heart. Amy (Hall ’05 & ’07) McConnell

Did You Know? In 2006, WOLBI hosted its own “Spiritual Survivor,” where teams had to rough it out in lean-tos and endure fierce competition for the chance to win $300!

Did You Know? The first year class of ‘06 had an interesting characteristic… four sets of twins!

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