The Experience Magazine 50th Year Edition

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WOLBI was one of the best years of my life. During my first year, at Missions Conference, I felt the calling to be a missionary. It was the best realization and decision I’ve ever made. Carey Anne (Stone ’13 & ’14) Chessher

I remember wishing my time at Word of Life would never end. It was incredible living in such a small, tight-knit community of believers. There’s truly nothing like that experience! Tony Ferreira ’12 & ’13

I loved Snowcamp. Aside from counseling, it was fun to take part in the Snowboard Expo. I crashed almost every time. William Krembs ’14

We saw the loss of another dorm – the original Argentina, a lakeside dorm – in 2013. WOLBI built a beautiful new Argentina Hall in 2016 in order to better accommodate our growing student body.

2014 brought about the rebirth of Word of Life Productions with the creation of Magi , a Christmas production unlike any other. Our newest productions, Magi (2014) and All is Bright (2018), are designed to appeal to a modern audience through incredible use of drama, music and multimedia. We have seen numerous professions of faith since the inception of these tours!

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