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The discipleship aspect of the Bible Institute during our time spent studying at home was so impactful. I almost felt more spiritually connected to my classmates and discipler during that time than I did the rest of the year. The “Connected”

The transition to online college during COVID was hard, but the opportunity to live out my faith in my personal circle as I studied was awesome. It was really cool to see the fruit of God’s Word as a “doer,” not just a “learner” while at home. Sarah Smith ‘20 & ‘21

theme was so important. Gabby Hinkle ‘20 & ‘21

The NY campus underwent quite a bit of change during the end of the 2010s.

The Bollback Student Life Center opened in 2017, and added a larger dining hall, updated kitchen, more lounge space, the Bookstore Cafe, the Xavante Grill, and two small classrooms. The old dining hall was renovated and transformed into the Huskies Den, a recreational center for students. Since 2016, every dormitory south of Council Hall has been renovated, providing students with a more comfortable living space. Adirondack Hall, a new girls’ dorm, was completed in 2019. The Huskies Health and Athletic Center and the new Astroturf soccer field were completed in 2020, allowing us to now host basketball and soccer games on our campus. The HHAC was a huge blessing to our campus, as it also provided a much needed upgrade to our Campus Health Center.

The FL campus also experienced great change over the last few years, including a new student lounge in 2018.

Thanks to the pandemic, the 2019-2020 school year at WOLBI was completely different than any before. When COVID-19 struck the United States, the year’s theme – Connected – became more crucial than ever before, as restrictions fell into place, and students had to leave WOLBI and return home. The Lord blessed the Bible Institute as we moved all classes online, and our professors and faculty invested tirelessly into helping them make the adjustments needed. During Summer 2020, when students would normally be serving in camp, they instead ministered at home. However, the Lord used them in mighty ways as they served in different capacities around the world.

Did You Know? In 2019, the dishpitwashed26,232dishes… just during Snowcamp!

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