The Experience Magazine 50th Year Edition

Korea: Jeju Cody Towell

Word of Life Bible Institute was established on Jeju Island, South Korea, in 2010 by current director, Steve Nicholes. Steve and his wife, Rhonda, also founded an English-immersion Christian discipleship training program called Studying Youth Ministry in English (SYME) in South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. SYME is a powerful tool for the gospel, and many graduates of the program attend the Bible Institute in Jeju in order to deepen their newly-sprouted faith. The Jeju Bible Institute allows students to study the Bible in English while living internationally, travel the world on missions and study trips, and experience hands- on ministry. Ministries include summer and winter camps in both Korean and English, a day-camp ministry event called Momentum, service assignments, a variety of events, and weekly services in both long-established and newly-planted churches. Since its inception, WOLBI Jeju has been an accredited Bible Institute teaching site, and it features a variety of unique opportunities for students. The year includes study trips to Thailand and Israel as well as optional trips (at an additional cost) to Turkey, Greece, and Italy, where students are guided through Paul’s missionary journeys by highly-experienced professors. Staff, faculty, and both resident and guest professors all seek to invest in each individual student on Jeju’s incredibly close-knit campus, which is located just outside the city, down the road from the beach, and at the foot of South Korea’s largest mountain. WOLBI Jeju can house up to 50 students, with a student body typically comprised of one-third American and Canadian students, one-third South Korean students, and one-third international students from various countries. Since its founding in 2010, nearly 300 students have graduated from WOLBI Jeju, and many are serving in churches both in Korea and abroad.


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