Gender Pay Gap Reporting - CIPP policy whitepaper


In our formal written response to the gender pay gap enforcement consultation we said:

“… very mixed messages currently exist in the media on the subject of GPGR. The very public experiences being ‘aired and shared’ do little to educate accurately the obligations that exist for employers of 250+ employees in the private, voluntary and public sectors. The Government Equalities Office and the Commission need to reclaim those headlines with educational facts so that employers can engage with this latest mandatory obligation. It also needs to recognise that for an organisation to fully and successfully engage it needs to bring together different teams across the organisation, HR, Payroll, Technology as well as obtaining engagement at Board level. We are encouraged that the policy will be reviewed regularly and would again put out a request that policing of the first year of reports i.e. with the snapshot dates of 5 April 2017 and 31 March 2017, focusses a greater educational and informal approach for all but the least compliant.

We look forward to seeing the strengthening of employer guidance that builds in lessons learned from year one experiences, together with full detail of the future compliance framework.”



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