Gender Pay Gap Reporting - CIPP policy whitepaper


The provision of pay data would be essential to ensure that the calculations could be done to report the:

l The average gender pay gap as a mean average l The average gender pay gap as a median average l The average bonus gender pay gap as a mean average l The average bonus gender pay gap as a median average

l The proportion of males receiving a bonus payment and proportion of females receiving a bonus payment l The proportion of males and females when divided into quartiles and ordered from lowest to highest pay.

A simple list that would require a number of separate calculations, but more concerning, data that would have been input, over the 12 months that preceded the first snapshot dates, 31 March 2017 and 5 April 2017, and in the main without the benefit of awareness, knowledge or guidance about the fact that this very same data would be called upon to form the basis for these calculations.

How easy would it be to withdraw that data when the time came, how difficult would it be to identify the relevant pay elements that would be included?

Would accuracy of data be an issue and would software be able to support employers to be able to produce accurate data ‘at the push of a button’ or would significant manual intervention be needed to identify what data was relevant and needed to be captured? The question that is always asked, when new legislation is on the horizon, who is responsible for ensuring that this obligation was fulfilled? Clearly this wasn’t a normal function required within payroll software and thus total reliance upon our payroll software to provide a standard report couldn’t be assured. This paper seeks to take a look – though the eyes of a payroll professional, as to what gender pay gap reporting would mean for them, what changes would be needed, what information needed, what team work would be developed as a result of this new obligation and of course, where would the guidance and support come from and the big question, what would the final results show?



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